Favorite Home Fragrances

During the winter months when we’re all craving sunshine and fresh air, it’s easy for your home to feel stuffy and drab.  I find that scents are one of the easiest and most delightful ways to perk up an environment.  The sense of smell is the most prehistoric of the human senses.  Ever get a whiff of something on the edge of a breeze and suddenly you’re in your 7th grade science classroom?  Or the dorms freshman year of college?  We have a deep connection between memory and smell, which makes fragrance a sort of magical way to change the perception of a given space.  Enjoy the picks for best home fragrances below…


Thymes Frasier Fir Reed Diffuser $48 or Thymes Poured Candle, Frasier Fir $26

Christmas Tree in a jar.

Probably most appropriate during the holiday season, Frasier Fir from Thymes is a sweet, semi-spicy, and completely comforting replica of a fir tree.  Truly, you could get away with having it out all winter, but there’s something special about lighting it for the first time in a year around Thanksgiving.


Mrs. Meyer’s CleanDay Liquid Hand Soap, Geranium, 12.5 Ounce Bottle $7.84

Your hands are filthy. Clean 'em up.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has quirky packaging and a vow to be kind to the environment. They tout Earth-friendly ingredients and natural scents.  Their scents aren’t always true to their labels (their lavender doesn’t smell like any lavender I’ve ever come across), but I love the Geranium scent all the same.  Fresh and light.

The Good Home Co. Sheet and Clothing Spray, Beach Days, 4 Ounce– $20

The scent of the beach without the sand in your sheets.

This scent is delightful and airy…more what you fantasize the beach smelling like (flowers, sunshine, a bit of musk)…less what it actually does (salt, rotting seaweed, seagull poop).  Spray it on sheets, couches, pillows, cushions, blankets, or clothing.  Car a bit dank?  Spray away!


Crabtree & Evelyn Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Room Spray– $16

Narcolepsy in a bottle.

Crabtree and Evelyn is one of those companies that feels like it’s been around forever and just reeks of taste.  Pun definitely intended.  Surpisingly, this company has been around only since the 70s, and has earned a reputation for quality…if not a bit of prissiness.  Still, you’ll find their products to be solid and reliable.  This lavender room spray is great to mist into the air right before bed, especially if you’re a restless sleeper.  A word to the wise: spray sparingly as a little goes a long way.


CUCINA Regenerating Hand Cream – 8.4 fl.oz. – Coriander and Olive– $23

Creamy, not oily.

Love, love, love.  Cucina’s hand creams and lotions are really moisturizing…but not oily.  I know a lot of products make that claim.  Cucina comes through on their promise.  The product soaks right into the hands with only softness left behind.  The scents are mild without overpowering.
L’Occitane Savon Extra-Doux Verveine, (Verbena Soap, Extra Gentle), 8.8-Ounce Bar – $10

Breathe deeply.

Ahh, the French.  They can do desserts, cream sauces, wine…and bath products.  And style.  And fondue.  Okay let’s bring it back to the bath products.  L’Occitane makes bars of soap that withstand many washings.  You spend a little more than you would on Dial, but where Dial gets mushy and melts in the shower, L’Occitane holds up.  Plus, verbena is a heavenly scent–I’ve had strangers tell me I smell good when I’ve worn verbena, so take note.


What are your favorite home fragrances?

One Response to “Favorite Home Fragrances”
  1. Kelly says:

    Frasier Fir is the BEST smelling line. A lot of company’s have severely strong pine smells that give me headaches.  Frasier Fir is worth the price!