NO: Sonia Rykiel Pants

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Sonia Rykiel Pants – $1,195

Does anyone else think these look like MC Hammer capris?


2 Responses to “NO: Sonia Rykiel Pants”
  1. DeeDee says:

    These pants HAD potential until they decided to throw bleach stains into the mix. High waisted pants can look cute with a tucked in blouse or shell style tank top. However, I agree with a resounding NOOO on these.

  2. Amber Dillon says:

    DIY – Take a pair of black, cropped pants and either, 1. revert back to childhood and use a paint brush to splatter bleach on them, or 2. go a little more risque and cut out ovals and circles, to show a little skin. WIN! 😉