Flat Iron Curls

On Thursday Sarah posted a great review of a flat iron from Beyond the Beauty.  I thought I’d take the opportunity to post about the amazing ‘dos you can create using a flat iron to curl your hair.  I prefer this look to a regular curling iron because it looks messier and more modern.  The flat surface of the iron creates kinkier curls, which I also love.


Step One

Start with either air-dried or blow-dried hair.  Make sure you put some kind of product in it before you dry it.  In the photos shown, I used a dime-sized dollop of Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme and then blow dried while running my fingers through my hair.


Step Two

Pin the top three quarters of your hair up, leaving the bottom free.  If you have those great big clips that your stylist uses, those work great.  I use bobby pins which also work well, and in a pinch you can use a regular old hairband.


Step Three

This is the trick that requires a bit of finesse.  Place the flat iron close to your scalp.  Open it, and wrap the entirety of a 1-2 inch section of hair around one barrel of the iron.  Close and hold for several seconds, then releasing a bit and moving your iron down the piece of hair and closing again, and repeating.  The idea is to work your way down through the hair in a cylindrical motion.  No worries if the whole piece of hair doesn’t curl.  It will look messier and sassier that way.  Important–you want to use a really narrow flat iron for this technique–1 inch max.  I use a Conair 3/4 inch model.


After you finish curling the bottom layer of hair, let more down from the pins, and re-pin the rest up.  Keep working sections (the number of layers will depend on how thick your hair is) until it’s all curled.


Step Four

The result: imperfect, semi-kinky curls that look more natural than curling iron curls.


Wear them down, as shown above…


Or in a ponytail…


Or half-up…I usually finish my flat iron curls with Shu Uemura Frame Wax Intense Control Styler.  It is very expensive, but I’ve had my jar for two years and I’m not close to finishing it.  I rub a dime-sized dollop briskly between my palms to warm and soften it, then sort of crunch the product into my hair, rubbing the last bits of it into the ends.  It takes a bit of practice, but the result is long-lasting curls with texture.

What you’ll find is that doing all this “pre-treating” to your hair allows you greater ease in styling it.  Curled, product-ed hair goes easier and more beautifully into ponytails and updos.  It has built-in volume.  And, of course, it looks great down.  Enjoy!


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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    Looks great, thanks Beth!