Pretty Sale Scarves From Banana Repulic

The humble scarf has ties back to ancient Rome,  when it was used by men to keep clean (they mopped their necks and brows with it).  Nowadays, the scarf’s claim to fame is steeped in fashion.  Scarves are one of the easiest ways to dress up a look.  Currently Banana Republic has a few great ones on sale.  These aren’t the best scarves for warmth, per say, but they sure do hit the fashion mark.  If you buy online, make sure to spend $50 so you can get free shipping.  You can always return the item you use to get free shipping in store for no charge.  And if you wait for an additional sale code you might be able to pick up one or more of these beauties for a steal.

Abigail Stripe Scarf in Puple or Strawberry – $39.99 ($49.50)

Stripes & Color

The vibrant colors in this scarf really pop.  The only version of this scarf not on sale is the non-vibrant option.  Use the pink and grey version on a white t-shirt or button up shirt and jeans day to add some pretty color.  And the purple and gold is perfect for game day if your team is affiliated with those colors.  Or wrap loosely around your neck with a gold or cream sheath dress.


Barbara Floral Scarf in Mustard – $34.99 or Coal – $38.99 ($49.50)

Busy floral

Busy, but not too busy if you keep it simple below the scarf.  Don’t be afraid to pair a scarf like this with a striped blazer, just keep the stripes on the blazer thin.  An easy way to add flowers to your outfit without over doing it.


Celine Print Scarf in Blue Granite or Orange – $34.99 ($49.50)

Circles that resemble roses

If you prefer cleaner lines a graphic print scarf like this might work for you.  The variation of shading within the circles almost make these printed circles look like roses, or even berries.  These saturated jewel tones are spot on for fall.


Katrina Flora Scarf in Cocoon or Green/Navy – $26.99 ($39.50)

Subdued, and not so subdued

A feminine floral scarf that is sheer in fabric.  This lightweight scarf might not be welcome in the coldest months, but pop the collar on your winter coat and you might be OK.  The Cocoon option is just lovely.


Fiona Silk Geo Scarf in Orange or Baked Sand- $39.99 ($59.50)

Do as the French do

A short scarf like this can add a lot of flavor to a work outfit, or even a button up shirt and denim.  Also wear with a silk tank top to really show the scarf off.  Can also be used to wave the start of a stock car race.



Make sure to also check out the Modern Print Scarf, Rita Textured Scarf, and Heritage Victoria Print Scarf.  So glad (the normal) scarf season is here!

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  1. precious smith says:

    Wow! They are
    lovely. I love it especially the Celine print scarf in blue.