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Fall is one of the great times of year to showcase your style, due to the fact that layers are comfortable to wear, but you don’t have to layer up so much that all the cute stuff is buried under a down jacket.  We may have to contend with rain waging war with our hair and makeup, but it can’t put a damper on the boots, sweaters, and warmer skirts and pants that fall affords us the opportunity to wear.  And this is the perfect opportunity for us girls at full clutch to share some of our favorite fall trends, starting with some of Beth’s favorites…


Blazer with Elbow Patches

This is one of those trends that I LOVE…but I don’t wear.  I have very broad shoulders, and blazers tend to accentuate the broadness, so I sometimes feel like a line-backer in them.  I think they look great on all body types, but probably best if you have narrow shoulders and want to even out your silhouette a bit, or if you have regular shoulders and wide hips, to give more of the appearance of an hourglass.  But I still love this trend, and the elbow patches are such a great detail.


Modern Lit Lecturer Blazer – $44.99

This blazer is really feminine–the wide opening at the neck, with wide lapels, a nipped in waist, beautiful pockets, and that sort of reverse-sweetheart hem.  But then it has patches at the elbows, which gives it an old school professorial feel.  Check the comments before ordering–reviews are mainly positive but sizing seems a tad funky in areas.


THML Clothing Fitted Single Breasted Blazer – $89

A much more modern blazer here in heather gray with contrasting navy blue at the elbows, lapel, and breast pocket.  Definitely a blazer that should be worn primarily with jeans or more informal ensembles.  It also looks really comfortable, almost like a knit blend, although it’s listed as an acrylic blend.



Yeah, a cape seems a little Harry Potterish on the surface, but it’s a very art student, Parisian look.  Not to mention comfortable, and anytime a great look and comfort coincide, I’m on board.


Banana Republic Merino Wool Grommet Cape – $130

My favorite thing about this cape are the grommet enclosures on the top.  I also love the navy blue hue–big color this fall–over a black and white patterned top and white pants.  Remember when navy blue and black together were a taboo color combo?  No longer!


Open Front Poncho Cardigan – $59.50

This open, flowy “poncho cardigan” is a great layering piece.  Wear to work in an office whose temps are unpredictable.  This poncho would also work belted for a carefree, asymmetrical look.



Do you ever wish it was socially acceptable for grown women to wear tiaras and tutus?  Glitter might be the trend for you.  Glitter is EVERYWHERE this fall, especially in makeup products.  I’ve even seen glitter mascara, which truthfully I’m scared to use–seems like it would fall in your eyes–but here are two other products rocking the glitter trend.

nails, inc.  Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish

I have the shade at left–Bloomsbury Square–in this nails, inc. polish that boasts tons of glitter, texture, sparkle, and color.  It’s a great polish.  Super dense and very pretty–three coats and my entire nail was covered with purple and red glitter.  But a word of warning–it’s very hard to take off because of the amount of glitter.  If you like to change up your polish frequently or you don’t have the patience for struggling with a cotton ball, you may want to skip it.  OR, use it as a great accent nail.  Update: I just found a great tutorial on making glitter nail polish removal easier.  Check it out!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – $19

The Urban Decay eye pencil was recommended by friend Ellen in a previous post.  Though she was a fan of the black color, UD makes a ton of unusual colors, too, including the one above in dark purple with silver sparkles.  I own this shade, and it’s a great pencil.  If you wear eye shadow with the pencil, you may not be able to see the glitter, which is subtle, but it’s still a really nice shade of deep purple for something a little different.


Moto Boots

Women’s boots with harder details like studs, rings, buckles, and other hardware have been on trend for several years now.  No need to ride an actual motorcycle to take part–though if you do, more power to you.

Landon Moto Boot – $49.99

The moto boot above is subtle, with just a couple small buckles around the ankles and some tiny studs to accent as well.  Plus, this is a really reasonable price for any boot, but especially one that has some extra hardware, so if you’re unsure whether this trend fits your style but you want to give it a go, this is a pretty low-risk investment.


Not Rated Hiding Placed Edge – $69.99

Definitely a showier version of the motorcycle boot above, I love how bold these are.  A stylized wedge heel, plus a textured shaft, a pair of buckles, and tons of grommets make these stand out boots.  If you go for a look like this, make sure the rest of your ensemble is relatively simple so that the pieces aren’t competing.  It’s also great to echo the hardware elsewhere, so try pairing with silver hoops, silver bangles and a silver belt buckle.

and some of Sarah’s favorites…


Printed Cardigans

I’ve spouted off on my affinity for cardigans before, and adding prints or interesting stitching to cardigans just makes them better in my book.


Anthropologie Charmed Cardi – $98

There is a lot going on visually with this cardigan, so keep the layer under it simple.  I’m digging it with that fun owl belt, but that doesn’t seem to be on the Anthropologie website.  A cardigan like this is the piece of your outfit that steals the show, so pair it with quieter pieces accordingly.


ModCloth The Power Brunch Cardigan – $39.99

This sweet cardigan from ModCloth really is perfect for a brunch, but would likely make appearances on many more occasions.  It has a little bit of wool in it (10%) for warmth.  The gold toned buttons and “dots” dress this cardigan up, but it would look darling with dark denim and flats.  Another wonderful feature about this cardigan is the waist, which leads us to…



This feminine feature on garments is rooted in ancient Greece.  Back then, the peplos was just one long tunic that was gathered and folded in such a way that a second skirt was formed around the waist.  Nowadays a single bolt of pleated cloth sown onto a garment creates the “peplum” feature.  It’s a great way for curvy girls to accentuate, and not so curvy girls to add  little extra to their hips.


Tahari ASL Green Watercolor Belted Peplum Dress – $89

Here is a another garment that is perfect for a nicer brunch, or even a fall wedding.  It will also look lovely once spring rolls back around.  Sold by Bluefly.


Bebe Lace Peplum Top – $79

Here is a versatile top that utilizes peplum.  It can be paired with trendy jeans, or a skirt.  The full zip back does add an air of casualness, but I think it can be pulled off in a dressy situation.  Through 9/25/12 get this top shipped free from Bebe.


Patterned Tights

Patterned tights have been around for ages (I remember wearing white tights with pink polka dots as a little girl).  But really fun lace and graphic patterns are ramping up for this season, and can be worn under wool shorts or skirts and dresses to add an interesting touch to outfits.


Aristoc Retro Diamond Tights – $23 & Kate Spade Spotted Floral Lace Tights – $32

Both pairs of tights above have a slightly dressier look to them, but you could pair them with some boots and a casual skirt to dress them down.  And there are plenty of colorful options when it comes to tights, which are just as fun as printed.  Tights are a fun way to introduce some new looks into your wardrobe, and be as bold as you want to be!


Metallic Jeans

A little funky, but I really like the look of metallic denim right now.  Buying a pair is a gamble, because who knows how many seasons they’ll be popular for.  But I guess that is the fun thing about trends, as long as they mesh with your style.  Metallics are great for the holiday season, and also a good addition for your nightlife attire.  And, the way the light shines off metallic pants, seems to have a slimming effect.  Bonus!


Blank Denim Shiny Pant Jeans – $88

A color like this, aptly named “Cab”, is perfect for the fall/winter seasons.  This deep maroon pairs well with so many bright jewel tones.  Plus, a color like this is understated enough that you won’t have people trying to check out their reflections in them.


Victoria’s Secret Siren Legging Jean – $79.50

Here’s an actual metallic color (silver), but the shine is fairly muted.  A cute cut from a company that specializes in “sexy”.  I like how they’ve dressed the model casually (click on picture to see it fully).  You don’t have to go full on cocktail fancy with your metallic jeans.  Pair them with a t-shirt and boots for a laid back chic look.

Any trends you’ve been eyeing up for the fall?  Tell us about them in the comments… 


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  1. Kila Rohner says:

    Cute finds, and I definitely agree about the glitter mascara! I love the THML Blazer and the Bebe lace top.