The Trend: London Calling


London is a wild city.  A mish-mash of people, culture, and style.  But there are some definite trends that many of the twenty and thirty something Londoners observe.  Here’s a run down of some style trends that were taken note of.  If you live in London, have lived in London, and visited recently and want to add some, leave it in the comments…

Tapered Pants

Keep those ankles nice and snug

Old Navy Jeggings – $29.94 & Lands’ End Rail Straight Chino – $35.97

Wow, this was BIG in London.  Guy or girl, doesn’t matter.  If you’re wearing pants they are tapered.  From ultra skinny to relaxed fit, pants fit snuggly around the ankles of the wearer.  Tall or short, skinny or curvy, male or female.  In London boot cut is out (of course all my pants were boot cut), tapered is in.  At least the forty and fifty something London women in the tube were wearing boot cut pants, so I wasn’t completely alone.


Oxford Shoes

Not just for boys

ClockwiseVolatile Adele Oxford – $59.95 & Steve Madden Sophee – $129 & Dolce Vita Flynn – $78.95

So many of the ladies in London are wearing flat Oxfords right now.  Whether with pants or tights and a skirt, these are some of the “it” shoes.  I’m sure no heel comes in to play because Londoners walk so much.  The tube is great, but your stop still may be several blocks from where you need to go, and heels are no fun in a situation like that.  I must say, the look is adorable.  I’ve definitely been inspired to buy a pair or two.



Lace up & zip, both popular

Diba Pilot Lace Up Bootie – $54.95 & Lucky Brand Tablita Bootie – $109

Just as in the U.S., booties are pretty darn popular right now in London.  And since everyone is wearing tapered pants, it’s easy to tuck them into booties, for a really cute look.  I saw plain and printed booties, of all shapes.  Like the Oxfords though, not many heels.  Lace up booties seemed to be wildly popular.  Maybe London returning to it’s Victorian era.


Neck Baubles

Pretty decoration for your decolletage

Violet Deco Strand – $26 & Noir Triad Pendant – $36

Statement necklaces, with a modern twist, are very popular in London.  Whether geometric in pattern or leaning more traditional, necklaces are adorning the necks of the trendiest Brits.


A slightly tattered look

Many young Londoners have a worn look to many pieces of their clothing, and from what I could tell it is by design.  Frayed edge here, scuff there, hole in the sweater, a slightly ill fit.  The term “shabby chic” comes to mind.  Perhaps Mugatu had a much larger influence in Europe?


Any other trends to add?  Any trends to dispute?  Have at it!


2 Responses to “The Trend: London Calling”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I still haven’t tried the tapered pant thing. I have a curvy backside, so I’m not sure if they’ll be flattering, but maybe I’ll try some on.

  2. DeeDee says:

    I’ve been sporting J Crew’s toothpick jean for a couple of years. They have a more tapered fit at the ankle. Luckily, they’re stretchy so they don’t fit quite as snug against the backside and in the thigh. Love them! I also love their “Minnie” pant. Very cute with a pair of pumps.