The Shops at Target: Kirna Zabete

Last spring we brought you the deets on The Shops at Target, in which Target was teaming up with independent retailers around the country to bring little boutique sections to their Target stores.  Over the summer there was a hiatus while Target prepared for a new round this coming fall.  First up for review is the women’s clothier Kirna Zabete from Mahattan.

For this review I went into my local Target store to try on and handle the wares.  Above are a smattering of the items I tried on: tops, dresses, and tunics.  I was not impressed.  The ladies behind Kirna Zabete talk in the Target “documentary” about loving color and loving unusual looks.  They’ve definitely accomplished both, but the problem is that they’ve neglected good taste and quality of the clothing.  Almost everything is polyester, and it just looks cheap.

At left is a close-up of the Sleeveless Metallic Jacquard Dress which is available for $49.99.   I like metallic textures, but there’s a big difference between something that actually looks metallic, and something that looks like a Saran Wrap applique.  It’s not an attractive dress, and for $50 I expect much more.

Above is the Sleeveless Tie Front Button Down Blouse for $26.99.  See the shiny splotches in the close-up?  The photo makes it look like someone spilled clear nail polish on the blouse?  Yeah, that’s how it looks in person, too.  This is a horrendous top.  100% scratchy polyester, with these weird reflective blobs, and an ugly print.

A final top, this one with me in it (forgive the blurriness, I didn’t want to use a flash since I was taking the photo in the mirror).  This is the Long Sleeve Tee in Kiss Print for $19.99.  Of everything I tried on, this was the least offensive.  It’s a stretchy cotton blend, so it feels good on the skin.  But it’s also a shirt with horizontal stripes and lipstick prints all over it.  Target is advertising this collection as being for the “style-savvy woman.”  This seems more appropriate for the style-savvy pre-teen.  I can’t envision ever wearing something so Lisa Frank-ish.

I’m really shocked at how unappealing this collection is.  I saw nothing that I would ever consider wearing.  I don’t expect top quality from Target, but I have some basic dresses from Target’s other brands, in cotton and acrylic blends that are comfortable, beautiful, flattering and which have lasted for years.  I understand that Kirna Zabete is trying to make clothing that doesn’t follow trends, and is fun and original instead, but the only area I see them combining those concepts with a beautiful aesthetic is in the jewelry.  In-store they had a couple sets of multi-colored stretchy bangles that were pretty and cute…though I didn’t take a photo and unfortunately they are not available online.  Check it out at your local Target, although truly, they weren’t anything special, so I’m not sure it’s worth the drive.


Bottom line?  Fail, Target, fail.

Stay tuned for more reviews of this fall’s The Shops at Target!

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  1. Meg says:

    Lookin’ good (despite the Target label), girl.