How does your stylish garden grow?

It might seem a little early yet to be thinking about your garden, indoor or out, for the upcoming year.  It is mid-February after all.  But what a great way to beat the winter doldrums by making a plan to decorate with plants.  And how your domicile looks from the outside sets the tone for what’s to come on the inside.  With a little organization now you can have the picture perfect surroundings for that first warm day that inspires you to make a pitcher of sangria and tell all your friends that it’s time to soak up some sun in the backyard.

Here are a few nifty tools that might just help you achieve that…

Windowsill Self-Watering Planter – $34.95

The modern design looks sleek

A self watering container can be really useful, especially if you’re bad at remembering to water your plants.  You need to remember to fill with water occasionally though, otherwise your hard work to grow some herbs will have been for not.  Having fresh herbs on hand, indoor or out, adds decorative appeal and also saves you from finding that half used, now slimy, package of herbs you bought about four weeks ago for that recipe you wanted to make.  Plus, they just smell lovely.


Ceramic Planter Set – $24.95

Some color and texture for outside

If you’re taking those herbs outside, or have other plants in mind, these will make a nice addition to any patio.  Consider it color blocking for the out of doors.  There are drainage holes in the bottom of these pots, so if you want to use them indoors you’ll need to pick up a few drainage trays from a local nursery or home improvement store.  Looking for even brighter pot options?  Check these out.


Succulent Container Gardens Design Book – $19.77

Beautiful variety, easy to care for

Succulents are such a great way to employ some really striking design in your garden.  It can be as simple as having something similar to what is pictured above on a patio or dining table.  Or, you can take it further with several containers full of succulents outdoors.  Some succulents can winter over, so some varieties can actually be planted in the ground. This book, by Debra Lee Baldwin, will help you choose the right succulents for you, and guide you to create incredibly eye catching arrangements that will require little maintenance.


Radius Garden 4-Piece Gardening Tool Set – $29.99

Useful and good looking

But alas, the hardiest of plants may still require some maintenance, and these tools are sure to help.  This ergonomically designed tool set includes a trowel, transplanter, weeder, and cultivator.  The soft grips have that bend in the handle to create more leverage, which means less work for you.  And the lime green color makes these tools modern and fun.


Tommyco Premium Garden Kneeling Pad – $10.55

Makes kneeling much more enjoyable

If you’re of the hardcore gardening persuasion then you probably already know how handy these things are.  Comfortable to kneel on, and can double as a seat to plop down on.  The floral print and bright colors turn an otherwise dull, but extremely useful, garden tool into a statement.  Also available in blue.


Black Knight Carrot Seeds – $2.99

The inspiration for color blocking?

Not the carrot you’re used to buying at the grocery store.  What a beautiful color combination.  Whether or not you’re a vegetable gardener, anyone can appreciate the influence nature plays in creating our style choices everyday.

What do you have going on in your garden, indoors or out, that contributes to your style?  Let us know in the comments.  And quickly back to color blocking, here’s a short video to show how it’s done.  

Featured Image credit: mariachily


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