The DIY Peter Pan Collar


So, you’re digging the Peter Pan craze that’s going on right now.  You’re seeing it everywhere; on shirts, dresses, sweaters, even on pieces of jewelry.  The trend has taken this fall by storm.  The Peter Pan collar was named as such in the  early 20th century, when actress Maude Adams (who was quite beautiful!) wore such a collar playing Peter Pan on stage.  Actually, I guess some boys were wearing it before that, but I think girls have the rightful claim to it now.

But how do you get that Peter Pan collar look whenever you want it (besides jewelry), without buying a new wardrobe?  With a scarf and brooch.  There will be some point to these collars, but they are petite, just like the Peter Pan collar.  Here’s how to do it.

Using lighter fabrics make it easier to create the collar

Start with a lighter fabric, square scarf.  You can also use a smaller rectangular scarf, or even a men’s silk bow tie.  You’ll also need a brooch to keep your collar connected.  With a square scarf, all you have to do is fold it in half.  Then starting from the top, fold about 2 inches of fabric over, and repeat until you have one long strip.  Once that is done, all you have to do is wrap it around your neck and connect the two inside corners with a brooch.

The bigger the square, the longer the drop on the collar will be.

If you’re not happy with the drop on your collar, you’ll either need a smaller scarf, or you can fold the height sides of the scarf in towards the center, prior to folding it down into a long rectangle.  You might have better luck quickly ironing the side folds in, as light and silky scarves tend to not want to hold folds.

A lightweight rectangular scarf worked really well.

Here I used a lightweight rectangular scarf.  I folded it lengthwise in about thirds, then folded it in half twice by height, to get the size of collar I wanted.  Pinned it with a brooch, and voila!  I am limited in my personal brooch collection, but you can create tons of looks with different brooches, ranging from modern and simple to kitschy to ornate.  And don’t forget all the looks you can create with different scarves!   You can even make a collar with a silk handkerchief.

Ascot, meet Peter Pan Collar.

This final look comes from triple wrapping a silk men’s bow tie (mine came from a thrift store), folded in half lengthwise, around my neck, then securing with a brooch.  This has a more aristocratic look, but depending on the tie and brooch, can totally be dressed down.  A black silk tie secured with a rosette pin would look very sexy, especially with a lower cut wrap dress.

There you have it.  A Peter Pan collar you can probably make with something you already have in your closet and jewelry box!


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  1. Kelly says:

    Fun idea!