No: Bad Pants… Bad!

Is it just me, or are women’s pants starting to look a little bit heinous?  As in, they are trending heinous.  Not all pants are heading in this direction, but there are some FUNKY options out there right now.  Options that don’t even look that great on the perfect model donning them (even though they look a thousand times better on the model than they would on the average girl, say… me).  What’s the deal with all these bad pants?  Why are we coming back to parachute pants with pleats, and pants that look like they should be reserved for riding horses, not a night out with the girls?


That’s where my zoot suit pants went!

Diane von Furstenberg Athos Wide-leg Pants – $159

These pants are bad news for anyone with a normal body (if you actually consume calories during the day, more likely than not your body is normal).  High waist, weird pleats.  They really do look like the bottom half of a zoot suit.  Which still gets worn… as a costume, nothing else.  They look better on the model (click on picture or link to see), but again, most normal bodies risk looking like your pants could double as a hot air balloon.  Up, up, and away!


Should anyone wear these?

Diane von Furstenberg Mercer Pants – $179

I don’t even know where to start with these ones.  Were these meant to be tucked into riding boots?  What was the designer thinking?  Granted, there isn’t a picture offered of a model wearing these.  But the once again high waist and weird pleats running down the front do not bode well for a cute fit.  It seems like these would accentuate everything you would NOT want accentuated.  DVF designs some beautiful things, but these last two examples have not hit the mark.


More tame, but still funky

Tahari Tapered Tailored Pants – $51.75

These pants are much more tame than the last two, but they still have the high waist and pleats.  Which equal a very accentuated pooch.  Plus, if you have curve to your thighs, that tapered leg will make those curves look bigger than they are.  BUT, the model in the picture at the Last Call website is actually pulling them off.

Ladies, our bodies are under fire every time we shop by ill fitting clothes.  If you really like the high waisted, pleated pant look, do yourself a favor; try them on for a friend that will give you an honest opinion before you commit to them.  And if you have the body to pull them off?  Rock on!


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