The Shops at Target: Patch NYC

Well, a couple weeks ago I opened up the reviews of the newest round of Target boutiques with a scathing assessment of the poorly executed Kirna Zabete.  This week I’m happy to be reporting that Patch NYC, a line of Boston-based home goods, is much, much better.  Great, in fact.  Here’s the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth:.



My own taste in home decor runs toward the eclectic.  I like bright colors, quirky accents, and slightly mismatched lamps, furniture, and knickknacks.  Patch NYC is right up my alley.  They sell bedding, pillows, candleholders, even cookie jars, among other items.  My favorite pieces were the ones that featured animals:


Owl Lamp – $59.99; Animal Print Glasses – $16.99; Ceramic Woodpecker Pitcher – $19.99

The rest of their products had similar nature touches–lots of leaf prints and earth tones.   We’re not talking Grandpa’s basement with wood-paneling and mounted buck heads; the style is much more intentional and modern.  Of course, a lot of people don’t appreciate a quirky wildlife aesthetic.  If your tastes run more classic, there’s much less to choose from, if anything at all:


Cream Throw – $34.99; Feather Serving Tray – $19.99

The throw and serving tray would fit in with any style, but they also don’t capture the spirit of Patch NYC’s designs, you know?  The products looked very similar in person, as they do online.  I can’t vouch for quality, but the plates seemed sturdy enough when I whacked them against the floor.  Joke.  Truly, though, I’m relieved that Target’s flirtation with disaster seems to have been a one-night stand.  Looking forward to reviewing more of The Shops at Target!


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