Dazzled by Shoedazzle?

Months ago (how have months already passed by?!) my good friend Amber sent me information about a website called Shoedazzle.  The brainchild of Kim Kardashian, Shoedazzle is a shoe, handbag, apparel, and jewelry site that bases it’s recommendations for you on a “style quiz” you take when you sign up to join the site (which is free).  Every month a new showroom is curated for you based on your preferences, but you can easily see all the site has to offer by using the tool bar at the top of the site.  So I joined, and have been receiving my curated showrooms for, well, months now.  I had to make a few tweaks to my style profile to adjust the styles that were being delivered to me, but most of the shoes that end up in my showroom now, I like.

But what about the quality of the product?  Here’s an excerpt from the Shoedazzle site:

“Our clients often ask how our quality can be so high when our prices are so low. Our shoes are manufactured in the same factories, with the same materials and vendors, as many higher-priced brands you know and love. Because we have direct relationships with designers and manufacturers, as well as an online-only presence, without the costs of a retail store, we can bring you gorgeous, high-quality style—shipped to you for free—at an unbelievable price.”

Well, I decided to put that to the test.  A few weeks back Shoedazzle had a %30 off select boots and booties sale.  With most prices on Shoedazzle shoes hovering around the $40 mark, that made the price on a pair of booties pretty reasonable.  So I got two pairs, both of which I’m no longer seeing on the site, but there are other similar styles available.

The Witty Bootie & The Agreeable Bootie

The first think I noticed about both pairs is how light they are.  Which is nice for walking in, but sometimes speaks to cheap materials.  Both booties are constructed of all man made materials (I knew that going in).  Neither offer support or have much padding, but they get high marks for style!

The “Witty” bootie is currently my favorite out of the two.  After all day wear it was still pretty comfortable, although the balls of my feet were giving me the business (that will happen to me even in comfort heels).  The style is oxford, but I like the inside zipper.  You can get these shoes on and off without untying them if you prefer.  The man made upper looks pretty good, and the toe shape is pretty darn cute.  The sole and heel look cheap, but hey, I paid less than $30 for them.  That’s getting into Target and Payless Shoe Source territory.  I’m curious as to how long they’ll hold up, especially in winter weather (I’ll probably only wear them when it’s dry out).

“Agreeable” is adorable, but it seems to run pretty narrow.  My narrow feet fit just right in these boots.  I love the color, and the style of the boot definitely leans towards that western trend popular right now.  The bright, jewel toned green has me looking forward to pairing them with warm tights and skirts once the fall temps really start to drop.  Again, there isn’t any padding in the shoe, and with the insubstantial sole, they don’t seem like the best bet to wear in wet weather.

I have to admit, I’m not super impressed with the quality of these booties, but to be fair, Amber has had success with the shoe purchases she has made as far as quality is concerned.  I am impressed with the looks, and I hope these girls will hold up through spring!

So how will these booties from Shoedazzle stand up to the test of time?  I’ll deliver a report card in a few months, complete with pictures.

Have you ever purchases shoes, or other items from Shoedazzle?  Were, or are, you happy with the quality?


2 Responses to “Dazzled by Shoedazzle?”
  1. DeeDee says:

    Do you think some kind of padded insert would fit into the shoes to make them more comfortable?

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, definitely. I have enough “upwards” room in the body of the shoe to add inserts. If nothing else I’ll add padding at the ball of my foot, I’m sure that will help.