Guilty Pleasures: Catalogs and Coupon Mailers

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Fingerhut, you started this.  Well, actually, I blame you, Valpak.  You started it first.  When I was just a little girl, your tantalizing two inch think envelope stuffed full of two sided, full color offers were passed my way by my mother.  Mail for me?  Goodie!  I’d peruse the wares you offered, from window washing services to weird slippers for old ladies.  I would scrutinize each and every coupon, sometimes twice.  Alright, always twice (at least).  Then, as I got older, a company called Fingerhut decided to target me to help me build up some credit.  “Buy one of our fabulous products and pay it off in installments! “   The towels were crappy (I mean BAD), and I paid way too much for them, but my love affair with crappy catalogs was cemented.

When I say crappy catalogs, I don’t mean Pottery Barn.  That’s a good catalog.  Crappy catalogs are the ones that offer REALLY random products all in one sitting.  Reading one is kind of like watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away.  Or at least it’s like that for me.  A few weeks back I received The Lakeside Collection catalog.  Wow.  Products offered on the cover;  an assorted gourmet pretzel tub for $11.95, a quilted & sueded sofa cover for $27.95, and a lighted holiday candle globe (yes, a snowglobe AND an LED candle) for $12.95.  Yea for crap!  Here are a few more gems, and yes, I am using this as an excuse to go back through the catalog right now:


Cell Phone Buddies,  Collegiate Spirit Fingerz, Motorcycle Salt & Pepper Set

None of those your cup of tea?  How about a Justin Bieber or The Hunger Games pillowcase?  Money Maze Puzzle?  NFL Collectible Holiday House.  That’s got to be the one.  And why don’t these come in squares?  I need them!

Am I the only one that suffers from this affliction, or are there other people out there that take pleasure in looking at Santa’s Hat Pet Caves and Deer Antler Back Scratchers?  H-E-L-P.


2 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures: Catalogs and Coupon Mailers”
  1. Beth says:

    I CANNOT stop laughing. You crack me up.