Friend Recommends: Wen Cleansing Conditioner

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Another recommendation from friend Marci, who is thrilled with her hair products from retailer Wen.  This product is available at the Wen website, but they make you sign up for an account before they even let you look at their products, which I find…annoying.  You can easily shop for the specific product Marci recommends at Sephora, without bothering to create an account.  From the reviews, it sounds like there are a lot of Wen converts out there.  Let’s see why Marci loves it…

What is the name of the product, and where can you get it?

Wen (by Chaz Dean) hair products.  I buy the Wen cleansing conditioner online which I think is the only way to buy it.

What does the product do?

My hair looks and feels much healthier, more shiny and less frizz (flyaways).  I have lots of thin curly hair and flyaways are hard to control!

How long have you been using it?

I’ve only used it for about a month now but my hair has never looked healthier.

Why do you love it?

Almost immediate results, I have a lot of fine curly hair that can look frizzy and dry quite easily, the Wen cleansing conditioner has taken away the frizz and added shine.

Why is it different from other products you’ve used?

They call it “cleansing conditioner,” NOT shampoo-which is drying and strips your hair of stuff.  It leaves my hair shiny and less frizzy. It just looks better and feels “lighter.”  Also, my daughter Kelsey has long, thick, curly hair and her hair looks a lot better too after using Wen.

How much do you use and do you use it every day?

We use less then they advise. For my short hair I use about 2 pumps of it every other day (using a cheap conditioner on the day I’m not using Wen).  My daughter uses double that amount.  You cleanse with it as you would shampoo, rubbing it in to your scalp, then comb it through and leave in until done showering, then rinse.

A ringing endorsement–anyone else out there using Wen?


One Response to “Friend Recommends: Wen Cleansing Conditioner”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I’ve been using sulfate free shampoo, or no-poo, for awhile, but my hair can still be a little frizzy. I’ll have to try this out!