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Writing for full clutch can be challenging–how many trends, products, and brands can you cover without becoming redundant…or losing your mind?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job, and a lot of fun.  But sometimes you need a bit of inspiration, a bit of cheerleading, to make style fresh and new again.  Thankfully, there a TON of style blogs out there. Below, three of my faves:

Writer, style consultant, and blogger Sally McGraw is based out of Minneapolis.  I started following her blog years ago when I first got interested in style.  I was drawn to her very intentional ensembles (she photographs her outfits almost every day).  She never wears just a dress and shoes.  She wears a dress, a cardigan in a contrasting color, a belt cinched across the middle, with pumps to match the cardigan, and earrings to match the belt.  Sal takes a lot of risks, both in her fashion choices, and in what she’s willing to reveal to her readers.  Good example: she’s written several shockingly honest posts about body hair that I found so incredibly refreshing.  She also writes a lot about self-esteem, body image, feminism, and materialism.  I love that she tackles the theoretical aspects of style, not just the tangible aspects.  Great reading for those beginning to explore their personal style.


This blog is a lookbook that features blogger and boutique owner Kendi.  She photographs her outfits three to five days a week and posts to the blog with information about where to get most of the pieces in her ensembles.  I love her blog for the inspiration–she puts together things that I wouldn’t think of–and her quirky, fun sense of humor.  We have a similar taste in shoes, which is great…and dangerous–I want everything she puts on her feet!  She also has great sponsors–artists who make handmade jewelry and small online boutiques that sell reasonably-priced jewelry and accessories.  I’ve found a lot of great gifts and goodies on these sites, and I wouldn’t have found them without checking in with Kendi Everyday.


The blog that started my nail art obsession.  Sammy is a British gal who has unnatural abilities with nail polish.  She paints designs freehand, uses stamping plates, applies “glequins” (glitter/sequins), posts tutorials, collects unusual polishes, and creates miniature works of art on her fingers.  I’m pretty obsessed.  Even if you’re not a nail polish person, her posts are really interesting and fun to look at.  Lots of color, sparkle, and creativity.  My only complaint is that I wish she posted more often!

I’m ALWAYS looking for great style/lifestyle blogs…any recommendations out there?


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