Would you dare to wear it?


From a top view, the Studded Strap Booties from Anthropologie have a lot of potential.  A richly hued brown leather.  Wraps, buckles, and studs; all popular this season.  Crepe sole.   But then there’s the heel.  Or more importantly, the way the heel attaches to the shoe.

Is that kind of funky or what?  But is it a deal breaker?  These Brazilian made booties are marked down from $258 to $99.95.  So maybe it is a deal breaker.  But what about at the below $100 price?  Are the boots more appealing now?  Would you pay the price and wear them?

These aren’t the only boots on sale at Anthropologie right now.  Check out the Lyra Booties, North Country Boots (resistance is quickly turning futile for me), and the Yuma Bootie.  Just make sure to read the reviews on the boots on sale.  It sounds like some of them ended up that way due to poor construction or no foot-bed padding.


One Response to “Would you dare to wear it?”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    Ya, I’m not a fan of the crepe sole and the way it wraps around the heel.