Julep’s American Beauty Mascara Review

This past summer (I think we can officially call it this past summer now) I reviewed a fabulous product from Julep, the Best Pedi Prep Ever! Love that stuff. I also gave a run down of the Julep Maven Club, which signs you up for a monthly shipment of Julep product (you can skip any month if you don’t want the shipment). In one of my recent shipments I received a tube of Julep’s American Beauty Volumizing Mascara.

If you’ve ever experimented with different mascaras, which most girls have, you know how very different they can be. Some are too clumpy, some just go on too thick, some just don’t seem to do enough, and some seem to do way too much. On that later point, I think sometimes it has to do with the situation the mascara is being used in. Maybelline Falsies mascara might not be the best mascara for the work place, but awesome for a night out drinking and dancing. I think I might lump the Julep mascara into that group, but not for all women…

A mighty long brush

So first off, the application brush for this mascara is different than any I’ve tried before. It’s very flexible, and very long. One swoop with that sucker and you’ve touched just about all your lashes. Of course, one swoop would never do, but after one coat of this mascara my lashes we’re looking full and lengthened by quite a bit.

Before application on left and after application on right

I didn’t want to put another coat of the mascara on for fear of looking like a drag queen (much love to any and all drag queens out there, you are artists). And I must admit, I didn’t apply this mascara EXACTLY as directed. “Apply first to top of upper lashes (skipped that part), working brush from base to tip with eyes closed.  Apply next to underside by holding brush to lash base, closing eye while gently drawing along full lash length.  Repeat for lower lashes.  Apply 1-2 additional layers as desired for more dramatic results.” Well, without applying to the top side of my lashes, and using just one coat, the effects were pretty dramatic.

For daytime wear, I think I prefer my usual CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion, which still creates very full lashes. But for a really dramatic nighttime look, this mascara is right on. For some women though, that have really light lashes that lack length, a mascara like this might be perfectly fine for daytime use. And if you love the crazy long lashes at all times? You’ve gotta try this mascara. Take note brides to be; this mascara is not waterproof.

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