October Birchbox Review: Part II

A couple weeks ago I wrote about two products I received in my most recent Birchbox.  Today, I cover the other three: a hairband, aromatherapy oil, and nail polish.

Twistband Hair Tie – $10

This product confused me.  It’s a hair band that looks like it was made from the leftovers of something else.  If you look at the photo at left, it’s a piece of elastic, tied at the end, with the frayed ends showing.  The company advertises “No dents.  Gentle on hair.  Made in the USA.”  Well I could get on board with all of those claims…if the ties worked better.  It’s true they come in pretty colors, and they’re very gentle on hair.  But my band stretched out quickly and I couldn’t wear it through a whole workout because it didn’t hold my hair tightly enough.  I don’t expect to get Chanel No. 5 in these boxes, but this seemed like a sort of cheap inclusion.


Color Club Birchbox Custom Polish – $8

When I pulled this nail polish out of the box, I was not excited.  In the bottle, the color is dull grey.  But on the nail, it’s a really beautiful, modern, sleek slate color.  It goes on SUPER opaque.  The photo above is a single coat of this polish–that never happens.  It dried fairly quickly, and it looks great.  It has much more depth than your average gray color.   This shade–Status Update–was custom made for Birchbox, so that’s probably the only place you can find it.  The company boasts that this is an especially safe product, without many of the harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde) that you find in other brands.  I’m definitely going to purchase more Color Club polishes in the future.


21 drops Focus Aromatherapy Blend (Focus) – $29

This product is an oil in a rollerball, that you apply to pressure points throughout the day in order to achieve a specific goal through aromatherapy.  For instance, I was sent “Focus” which is supposed to help you concentrate, using the natural scents of rosemary, peppermint, and frankincense.  For several days, I kept it in my purse, and applied to my wrists and behind my ears.  The scent definitely woke me up when I caught wind of it–rosemary, peppermint and frankincense are all very strong scents so that’s not entirely surprising.  So I’m on the fence–did it really work?  I don’t know.  Either way, it was a pleasant, earthy scent that I’ll probably continue to wear from time to time.   I also wonder if “Hangover” really helps those who’ve overindulged, or if “Calm” can relieve anxiety.  Most importantly, can “Abstain” stop you from sleeping with that motorcycle-riding bad boy who can’t commit?  Ladies, try it out and report back.

Stay tuned for next month’s report on Birchbox’s selections!


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