Make-up Remover: The Wipes Edition

I’m on a mission to find the best make-up remover out there.  Today I bring you a selection of cleansers in wipe form.  My impression, from talking to skin care professionals, is that wipes are a no-no.  They often don’t contain quality ingredients; you have a tendency to pull on the delicate skin around the eyes when using them; they don’t get your skin truly clean.  I hear what they’re saying.  But we’ve all gotten home at 2 a.m., glanced at our make-up remover in a bottle, plus cleanser, plus toner, plus moisturizer, and thought–forget it.  Then we wake up with raccoon eyes and two new blemishes.  So I bring you this assortment of wipes with the assumption that something is better than nothing, and wipes are a lot easier to use than trotting out the regular skin care regimen.


Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes – $7.99

No.  If I could leave my review of this product at that, I would.  These wipes were bad.  Bad wipes.  They could hardly remove any of my eye makeup, and I don’t even wear waterproof mascara.  I wiped them over my eyes again and again, and could still feel the stiffness on my lashes.  Plus, they weren’t damp enough–they got dry after a few swipes across my face.  Also, my face felt very dry after using them, which was surprising considering how little liquid they held.  A big NO on these.


Pond’s Clean Sweep, Wet Cleansing Towelettes – $5.69

I had high hopes for the Pond’s when I took them out of the package.  First, they have a really awesome quilted texture that felt like it would grab a lot of the makeup and maybe even do a bit of exfoliating.  Also, they were almost dripping with liquid.  But this still wasn’t an ideal product.  I think it got the skin on my cheeks and forehead and chin pretty clean, but I still found myself pulling on my eyelids to get all the makeup off.  My skin was a tad dry after using it, but nothing like the Neutrogena.  I wouldn’t recommend these wipes, but they’re not terrible.


Clean & Clear Facial Cleansing Wipes- $6.59

Well, color me surprised.  These unassuming wipes without any texture, and a mediocre amount of liquid worked like a dream.  No pulling on my eyes and the make-up wiped right off.  A tad bit of dryness afterwards, but not more so than the Pond’s and certainly less than the Neutrogena.  This past weekend I put the wipes to the ultimate test–midnight after a wedding.  This means a lot of make-up: foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eye brow pencil.  It also means residual sweat from tearing up the dance floor.  These wipes took it all away.

Coming at you in future months with more reviews of make-up removers.  Got a request for a particular brand you’d like to see reviewed?  Leave it in the comments section!


One Response to “Make-up Remover: The Wipes Edition”
  1. DeeDee says:

    I’ve used the Neutrogena makeup remover in the bottle and it’s just awful, Beth. I’m not surprised the wipes are icky too. I do recommend Sephora’s waterproof eye makeup remover (bottled). It’s around $10 and I haven’t run into anything it won’t remove. I believe it’s oil based so it’s kind of greasy if you don’t remember to rinse it off after using it. Not sure if they sell it in a wipe form, but if they do I would hope it’s as good as the bottled version.