Trick or Treat

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It’s that time of year–Halloween!  I love this holiday.  It’s such a great excuse to be creative, and it’s one of the few times that it’s socially acceptable for adults to play dress up.  If you don’t share my enthusiasm, however, Halloween can be a major drag–searching for a costume, spending money on something you won’t wear again.  Never fear, a solution is here.  If you have a party coming up, and you don’t know what to go as, we have two easy costumes you can put together with what is already in your home.


Cat Costume

No, this is not a “sexy kitten” costume.  I’m not one of those people who uses Halloween as an excuse to dress like a lady of the night.  This costume is comfortable, modest, and will keep you warm if you’ll be outside.  You need: black pants, black top, scissors, tape/glue, construction paper, a headband, pink lip liner, and brown or black eye liner.

For the ears:

From a black piece of construction paper, cut two squat, double-sided arrows, like the one shown at left.  Then cut a slightly smaller triangle from pink construction paper, and then an even smaller triangle from white construction paper.  Layer and glue or tape, as shown at right.

Looping the ears around the headband, bring the points of the arrows together and tape or glue.  When you put on the headband it may take a bit of finagling to adjust the ears, but once you get them right, you’ll have pointy ears that stand up straight all night.

For the nose and whiskers:

Using the pink lip liner or lipstick, draw an upside-down triangle on your nose.  Then use the eye liner to draw on whiskers.  You can also do a dramatic cat eye if you like.

Pair with black pants and top or a black dress, and voila!  Cat costume complete with cat face and ears.  Meeeeoww!


Ladybug Costume

Another easy, warm, and comfortable costume for Halloween.  You need: a red top, black pants, construction paper, tape, scissors, headband, and foil.

For the antennae:

If you happen to have pipe cleaners in your house, you can skip this step, but I’m guessing most people don’t keep them on hand.  Take two long, rectangular pieces of foil.  Roll them the long way until they’re completely wrapped into a cylinder.

Next, flatten one end of each foil cylinder.  Roll the other one into a sort of snail formation.  The antennae can be as long or short, thick or thin, as you like.

Wrap the flat end of the antennae around the headband.  Again, this may take some adjusting, but because they’re foil, they should stand up decently for most of the night.

For the spots:

Take a round object–glass, roll of tape, water bottle–and trace six circles onto black construction paper.

Cut out the circles.

Tape the circles to the back of your red shirt.  You could also use Hollywood Fashion tape instead of Scotch tape, which might be stickier and hold better.

There you have it–a ladybug costume with spots and antennae.  Enjoy, and have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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