Bauble Bar Friends & Family Sale

It should be no secret by now that I have a slight affinity for jewelry.  Even if it’s not a piece I would adorn myself with, I can appreciate a wide variety of styles.  I often catch myself oooohing and aaaahing over anything sparkly. So when I got the email from Baublebar stating they were having their first ever Friends & Family sale, it was on.  Code BBFAMILY at checkout will take 25% off your entire purchase (some exclusions).  Shipping and returns are free.  Bauble Bar is also currently featuring a collection by style star Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, a favorite blog around these parts.  Here are a few baubles that caught my eye.


Chevron Ring Stack – $19.50 ($26)

. . .

This is one of the pieces in the Atlantic-Pacific collection.  Modern shape and sherbet colors combine to create a super fun set of stack rings.  And the great thing about stack rings?  Just wear one if you want, or just a couple.  Or wear them all to make a statement.


Emerald Druzy Bib – $27 ($36)

. . .

My, the colors on this necklace are beautiful.  I love the combination of the teal leaning emerald cut stones and the whiter leaning gold.  A great necklace for this fall, and beyond, if these colors look good on you.


Noir Rose Drops – $21 ($28)

. . .

These fancy girls would make a perfect pairing with a black cocktail dress.  The silver leaves and white gems really stand out against the black resin of the roses.  Wear your hair up to show these earrings off, and don’t worry about a necklace.  2.5″ drop.


Dew Drop Bib – $24 ($32)

. . .

Another sparkly beauty, but the color makes this bib more understated.  You can make this necklace work in a casual setting, as long as your look is still polished.  And of course, you can pair this with a dress or two.  Just remember, it’s a bib, so the length is longer.  If you prefer necklaces that lay closer to your collar bone (as I do), skip this one.


Cobalt Tiger Cuff – $43.50 ($58)

. . .

This is a piece that I would never wear, but if I had it in my jewelry box, I would take it out everyday to look at it.  It’s very striking, with the cuff in a bold blue enamel, the gold detailing, the crystals, and of course, that tiger’s head biting on the connecting link.  A really lovely piece.


Mermaid Ring – $56.25 ($75)

. . .

My hands are very small, so chunky rings like this don’t work well on my slender fingers.  But gosh, is it fun!  Mixed metals are really popular right now, and all the itty bitty cubic ziconia stones will dazzle under the right lights.  Great cocktail ring, but is clean enough to work in a formal setting as well.  Any tiny handed people out there that would gladly sport this dazzler?


Rose Tassel Pendent – $21 ($28)

. . .

A pretty rose gold tassel necklace that can be layered with another metal to add some depth.  Or, wear it on it’s own to add some pink shine to your ensemble.


Pink Arrow Ring – $51 ($68)

. . .

And speaking of pink, here’s a very fun ring from a collaborated collection with designer Brandy Pham.  Brandy seems to create a lot of pieces with brightly colored enamel.  The negative space created between the start and end of the arrow is really interesting.  You can layer this ring with a simple metal band for a cool look.


Geordi Boho Drops – $19.50 ($26)

. . .

Click on the picture or link above to see these earrings on a model, if you want a better idea on size.  They’re a little bit art deco, a little bit bohemian, and a whole lot of dangly-jangly fun.  I feel like I should somehow right that into a song.


Noir Chain Wrap – $21 ($28)

. . .

Finally, we have a wrap bracelet that combines warm and cool metals, and throws some sparkly in for the heck of it.  Another collection piece, this time from Nina Garcia.  It’s got that tough/chic thing going on that’s popular right now.  You an wear this with a cocktail dress, but it will look just as appropriate with a t-shirt and jeans.

The Baublebar Friends & Family 25% off sale ends 10/28/12.


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