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There’s a usual uniform that any woman in the political limelight normally adopts.  The very professional skirt suit, with the very understated strand of pearls.  Every once in a while there’s a breakout star (hello Jackie Kennedy!).  I’d argue that our current first lady, Michelle Obama, has pushed the envelope when it comes to White House fashion.  Just as Jackie O did in her day, Michelle Obama embraces clothing that expresses HER style, not clothing that conforms to who she should be while she’s the first lady.  No matter your political persuasion, you’ve got to admire a woman who stays true to her sense of style.  But perhaps you like the power suit and pearls?  Or maybe you think there should be even higher fashion in the White House.

Based solely on style, which lady in our current political mayhem would you vote for this year?  Here are the nominees:

Michelle Obama

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Not only does Michelle Obama have style, but you can tell she has fun getting dressed.  Rarely do I question a piece of clothing I see her in.  She dresses well for her body, and loves color.  She also dresses very contemporary, and usually age appropriately.  Every now and then I’ll see her in a dress who’s cut reminds me of a young girls, and that’s not my particular favorite on her.  But normally, I’m admiring her style prowess, and wishing I could raid her wardrobe.

Jill Biden

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Is it just me, or does Jill Biden kind of look like she could play mother to Jane Krakowski‘s Jenna on 30 Rock?  I digress.  With Jill Biden, you’re going to get a more classic, middle-aged upper class look.  No knocks, she just dresses currently for the time and place in her life.  Hats off to her for holding a job teaching English at Norther Virginia Community College during her husbands tenure as Vice President.  She is though to be the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband is VP.  Honestly, she looks like a politicians wife, but that’s OK, because she is.

Ann Romney

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For having raised five son’s, lived with multiple sclerosis since 1998, been treated for breast cancer, AND been grandmother to 18 grandchildren, I think Ann Romney looks pretty darn good.  I’d categorize her style as “American Classic”.  Every once in a while I see her in something that I honestly do not like on her, but she definitely possesses style sense.  I don’t think she can compete head to head with Michelle as far as fashion goes, but I don’t think she’d want to.  That lady has bigger fish to fry.

Janna Ryan

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Style points to Mrs. Janna Ryan.  I don’t know much about the lady, other than that she’s rich, much like Mrs. Romney, but she certainly knows how to dress.  Her style seems to lean towards that classic southern belle look (can’t you just picture her at the Kentucky Derby?).

So, who’s style camp do you fall in?  Or is there another lady in politics that you’d cast your ballot for?  Leave your vote in the comments, or post it on our facebook page

Oh, and congrats to the Obama’s!


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