Review: Francesca’s Collections

Skirts, sweaters, dresses, blouses, purses, flats, pumps, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands, greeting cards, candles, gifts, belts, housewares, brooches, nail polish–all of these items, and more, can be found at the retail chain Francesca’s Collections.

While it’s true that Francesca’s is a chain, its appeal is that it feels like a boutique. Displays are beautifully put together, with the smallest attention to detail.

Chatting with one of the sales reps at my local Francesca’s, she told me that each store is responsible for the look and set up.  No one from a corporate office comes in and arranges mannequins or tells staff the bracelet display is incorrect.  There’s collaboration between stores–emailing each other photos of the daily displays as way to compare and inspire new looks in each store.

The rep also told me that for each item of clothing, each store receives only five garments–two smalls, two mediums, and one large.  If the item sells like hot cakes, it’s possible they’ll get a second shipment of the item, but again, only five garments, and then after that second shipment, the item is gone for good.  This ensures that the clothing they sell doesn’t flood the marketplace, and instead remains a rare commodity.

Sounds like it would be expensive, yes?  It’s not.  I’m not sure how they pull it off but the most expensive item I’ve ever dragged off the hanger was $44.  Most sweaters, blouses, and dresses run right around $30.  Additionally,  each store gets a new shipment of jewelry every single day.

The jewelry is definitely trendy, and much of it looks like costume jewelry (in a good way).  It’s surprisingly high quality.  I have six or seven pieces of jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces) from Francesca’s and they’ve never shown wear.  Plus, most earrings run $8-$12,  and most necklaces $18-$30, so it’s definitely affordable.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, in addition, they usually have decent jewelry and clothing on sale racks, although the amount and quality of both depend on the store itself.

One Francesca’s very close to me has a pretty bare sale rack most of the time, which I assume is a reflection of how well they’re doing–they probably sell out of most items without needing the sale prices.  Another Francesca’s farther away always has a pretty big selection in the clearance area and I’ve found some great earrings there.  My only real complaint is the sizing.  It runs small.  And since the largest size is a L–which I would guess is about a size 10–there’s a huge segment of the population that can’t shop there, at least for clothing.  I’d love to see Francesca’s stock bigger sizes of clothing so that the curvy gals can enjoy the superb prices and darling selection.

Francesca’s Collections are located in 44 U.S. states, so hopefully there’s one near you.  While I did link to the website in the photos above, the website has about 5% the selection that the actual stores do, so you’d really do better to find a store.  Check them out!


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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    That place looks like a lot of fun! I’m really glad to see that there’s one in my area. :)