NO: Stephen Jones Hat

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Let me just put the question out there that everyone is asking themselves…how the hell do you put this thing on?

It’s a hat.  By Stephen Jones.  For $1,975.  The least of my expectations for that price is that it would be obvious how to wear the item.  Let’s look at the description for clarification:

Distraught Infanta Hat.  Crown your glorious outfit with this beyond chic Stephen Jones distraught infanta hat in gleaming silver.

No help at all.  The Distraught Infanta is a painting by Marion Adnams (nope, that’s not a typo), and it’s interesting in a Dali sort of way.  But I don’t know that it’s begging to be used as the inspiration for a hat.  Without a hole for your head.



4 Responses to “NO: Stephen Jones Hat”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    Those better be diamonds, that all I’m saying. But, if so, I’d probably just pin them in my hair, minus the “hat”

  2. DeeDee says:

    Maybe the short part faces forward? I hope? Looks like a cookie cutter.

  3. veiled says:

    there it is