An All Natural Facewash

It seems like most of us these days are looking for more natural ways to take care of ourselves.  Even if we don’t switch to a completely natural routine, we are well aware of the chemicals in our beauty products (parabens, sulfates, etc.) that can be harmful.  Our friend Amber, in a quest to do things the natural way, found a great, and delicious way, to cleanse her face.  She’s been so happy with the results that she wants to recommend it to us!

Amber’s choice

What recommendation do you have?

Washing your face with honey and baking soda once a day, and then just honey in the morning when you don’t have makeup on.  I found the information on a blog – – and absolutely love it!  I have been trying to find a more “natural” way to cleanse my face, after reading about how many chemicals there are in regular face washes.  I started out doing the Oil Cleanse Method (OCM), with castor oil and jojoba oil, but it dried out my face too much.  When I found this method I was really hopeful and excited to try it.

This process uses everyday, natural, household items – pure honey, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and an oil of your choice (some people use olive oil, but I continue to use jojoba oil).  You can find everything on Amazon or your local grocery/health store (though, the oil will be cheaper online).

What does the recommendation do?

This offers a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals used in other face/body products.

How long have you been using it?

For a little over a month now, and my skin has never looked better.

How is it different than other products you’ve used in the past?

This is all natural, and I don’t feel any trepidation about putting it on my skin.  It also doesn’t taste bad if a little happens to get on your lips!

Why would you recommend it?

I have never felt better about my skin!  I’ve had “problem” skin all my life; covering it up with foundation and makeup as a standard.  Since starting the more natural ways of washing my face, the OCM and honey method, I’ve noticed great changes in my skin.  My pores are smaller, my blemishes have all but disappeared.  I may get a small zit or two sometimes, but nothing more than that.  While I still struggle a little with some redness around my mouth and nose, I haven’t used foundation for weeks!  A little cover-up and some powder take care of any trouble areas.  My skin feels tighter, firmer, and the little lines around my eyes have become less noticeable (which is extremely exciting for this 32 year old!).

Have there been any drawbacks to it?

Not that I’ve seen.  Some women may not want to exfoliate with the baking soda that often, which is fine.  You can always drop that step down to only a couple times a week, and just use the honey on the other days.

Is it suitable for a woman with a busy schedule?

There seem to be a couple of extra steps in this system than a normal face washing routine, and it’s not something you can do in the shower to save time, but it really doesn’t take any extra time.  I timed myself once when I was in a hurry, and finished the whole process in under two minutes!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I recommend trying it out for at least two weeks, it may take that long for the skin to “give up the ghost”, as they say, and see the benefits.

Honey & baking soda cleanse and exfoliate, while vinegar balances PH.

Amber’s Step by Step instructions for the Honey Facewash (originally from
  1. Put a teaspoon of honey on a damp washcloth, followed by a teaspoon of baking soda on top of that.
  2. Use the washcloth to gently “wash” face with the honey and baking soda (which creates a light exfoliation), avoiding the eye area.
  3. Rinse the washcloth in warm water, and then use it to wipe the residue off of the face.
  4. Take a cotton ball, or pad, dampen it with warm water and put 4-5 drops of apple cider vinegar on it (no more than that! I use a standard eye dropper).  Wipe the cotton ball around the face, again avoiding the eye area.  The baking soda in the previous step slightly changes the PH of the skin, so the apple cider vinegar will adjust the PH back to normal while also acting as a toner, and will remove any makeup that might be left over.
  5. Then use the jojoba oil on fingers to remove eye makeup.  I gently rub the oil over my eyes, with my fingers, and then use a tissue or cotton ball to remove the oil and makeup, much like you would do with a regular eye makeup remover.  This removes the makeup while also infusing the eye area with natural oils!
  6. Finally, put a couple more drops of jojoba oil on fingers and rub it around face as a light moisturizer.

On the mornings that I have been good and taken off my makeup the night before (sometimes I get lazy, don’t tell my mom), I put a teaspoon of honey on my fingertips, rub it around to warm up and emulsify a little bit more, and then rub it on my face.  It’s a little sticky (as honey is), but spreads easily.  I leave that on for 2-3 minutes as a sort of mask, while I get my shower ready.  While in the shower, I wash the honey off.  I again use a little jojoba oil as a light moisturizer after that.

*For more detailed information about the why’s of it all, and additional products to add into your regimen, see the original post at

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    It’s true, I highly recommend! :) My skin looks great.