Best Gift Sets From Sephora

Well, it’s here.  Whether you like it or not, the Christmas season is here.  Commercials are airing, holiday music is playing, decorative lights are up around the city.  And myriads of catalogs full of very enticing goods are showing up in the mail.  A few weeks back I received one from Sephora chock full of delightful gift sets.  I broke.  I already bought one.  Gift sets can be really great deals if hey contain products you already use, or have been wanting to try.  Or, you can divide them up for stocking stuffers.  And right now you can also use code HOLIDAYSHIP at checkout for free shipping if you don’t hit the $50 free shipping threshold.  Any savings we can get this time of year helps.  Here are some picks…


Bow Clutch Brush Set – $36 ($115 value)

I have something to admit.  I didn’t start applying my makeup with brushes until somewhat recently.  What a difference it makes!  Application is better, coverage is better, and it just feels good to use a brush on your face.  This brush set for Sephora has all the brushes you need for application.  Want an even bigger set?  How about this?


Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette For Eyes – $48 ($88 value)

Several reviewers of this item say that the colors in this palette lean much more brown (more neutral) than the purple/plum hue the colors have in the picture.  If that is the case, then it truly is a universal palette that should work for multiple eye colors and skin tones.  A nice palette to have on hand for day to night wear.


Origins Skincare Must Haves – $55 ($86 value)

I’ve made no secret about my affinity for Origins VitaZing Moisturizer.   When I saw this set, I couldn’t resist.  The VitaZing alone runs $35 (same size that’s in the set).  I’m excited to try these other products from Origins, and purchasing a set like this is a great way to do it without blowing too much cash.  Fair skinned women; be warned.  I guess VitaZing doesn’t look the best on your skin tone.


Wen Healthy Hair Care Kit – $39.50 ($64 value)

Here is an affordable way to try one of the products featured in our Friend Recommends posts.  Before you buy, read the reviews.  There are some really great reviews, but also scathing reviews about the product.  Perhaps this product works differently for different types of hair?  Well, if you do decide to give it a go, you won’t be out too much money if you don’t like it.


Caudalie Divine Oil Set – $42 ($62 value)

If you’re on the hunt for a dry oil to use use during the winter months, the oil in this set from Caudalie only seems to get great reviews.  And the candle and scrub add a little extra pampering.


Fresh Fragrance Essentials Rollerball Trio – $36 ($60 value)

Two out of three good reviews on this one.  I’m assuming the “Sugar Lemon” smells like the Advanced Lip Therapy from Fresh.  It’s really lovely, but makes you want to go find a lemon tart and shove your face in it.  “Brown Sugar” might be just as dangerous (can you tell I’ve had issues in the past with cosmetics that smell like baked goods?).  The “Hesperides Grapefruit” is likely light and fruity.


Stila Snow Angel Color Palette & Mascara – $39 ($270 value)

$270 value?  Where did that figure come from?  I can’t imagine this set is worth that much, but the $40 price tag on it is excellent.  I have the Stila In The Know Palette, and I love it.  The colors are lovely and wear well.  This set is for both eyes and cheeks, with many neutral hues and some fun colors thrown into the mix.  There are a few videos in the review section if you’re curious about the size of the actual palette.


Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip – $25 ($79 value)

Wow, what a fun set!  If you’re the type that loves trying anything and everything new for your lips, this has to be right up your alley.  Or, there might be a product in the group you already use that costs about the same as the set itself.  That just means you’d get 5 extra lip treatments that you can stick in your friends stockings or tie to the tops of their gifts.

And for him… 

Clinique Great Skin For Him – $39 ($54)

No need to leave the boys out of this.  This set form Clinique was created to provide a nourishing shave.  Start with the face scrub to prep, then apply the aloe gel to condition pre-shave.  The post shave gel soothes, and the cooling eye cream reduces puffiness.  Perfect for travel.

Remember, use code HOLIDAYSHIP for free shipping on your purchase, no minimum.


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