November Birchbox

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It’s that time again–to delve into the wonder that is Birchbox.  I’ve gotten three in the mail thus far, and each time is as exciting as the last.  It’s like having a secret admirer leave gifts each month in your mailbox.

Harvey Prince Yogini – $29.99

This scent was right up my alley.  The description reads: The light, clean fragrance features top notes of purifying sandalwood, refreshing grapefruit, and sensual Egyptian myrrh. Subtle cues of golden amber, incense, and star jasmine turn each spritz into a mini aromatherapy break.  This is pretty accurate, especially the sandalwood and amber.  It doesn’t smell like typical aromatherapy to me–it just smells like a warm, sensual fragrance.  Great for everyday and casual wear.  I highly recommend.


Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter – $16

I’m pretty harsh when reviewing chapsticks, lip balms and lip products simply because there are a million of them out there, and it’s easy to find cheap, quality products.  Still, I was impressed with this balm.  It had a great fruity smell (I got the Pomegranate & Fig, though there are other flavors available like Yakima Valley Peppermint) and felt good on my lips without being too heavy.  I applied during the day, but was most impressed with the night wear.  When I applied at night before going to bed, I could still feel it on my lips in the morning.  That’s a hard-working balm.  My only complaint is that it comes in a pot, which means I have to stick my fingers in it to apply.  It’s not as sanitary as a chapstick, and I inevitably spear a hunk of balm under my fingernail.  But as far as quality of the product–it’s definitely a win, and definitely worth the price.


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil – $26.40

Okay, here’s the description for this one: Makeup artists flip for this multi-use oil, which gives face and body a pretty sheen and also helps to smooth flyaways.  You want me to smear oil on my face and in my freshly-washed hair? I was skeptical. So I looked up “dry oil” to see what it meant.  Basically it’s oil that easily soaks into skin and hair, leaving a shine but no oiliness.  I naturally have very shiny hair, so I applied to the ends of my hair, which tend to be drier and less shiny, after washing and blow-drying.  I could definitely tell the difference in sheen, but what really impressed me was the smell.  It just smells clean and beautiful.  I looked at the Amazon reviews and nearly all of them mention the amazing fragrance.  I also tried–with great trepidation–dabbing a bit into each of my cheeks.  The rumors are true.  The oil made my skin immediately soft and silky with just a hint of shine (really a glow), and zero greasiness.  Many of the Amazon reviewers recommend applying the oil after a shower when skin is still damp for an even better absorption. A big price tag, but I think it’s well worth the money if you have dry or dull skin that could use a pick-me-up.


theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer – $20.40

Probably the least impressive product of the bunch.  This powder is a three-in-one highlighter, shadow, and shimmer for body and face.  It’s a fine product and the color is a lovely champagne.  It blends well, too.  But there wasn’t anything exceptional about it, and I think I prefer the illuminizers I use now.


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