Going Outfits: Thanksgiving

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We are fast approaching the glut that is the end of year holiday season. If you love Halloween, perhaps you already consider yourself deep in the thick of it. We’ll be bringing you more Going Outfits, a segment that makes recommendations about what to wear for specific events and holidays. Today we bring you some ideas for creating suitable ensembles for this Thanksgiving week and weekend. Enjoy!

Wednesday Night Out

Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans – $40; Born Lira Boot – $149.99 ($189.95); Silk Legacy Button Down Blouse – $79.99 ($118); Hematite Chevron Drops – $24; Fossil Georgia Stainless Steel Watch – $95

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a big going-out night. If you go “home” for the holiday, you may be hitting up the townie bars where you’re likely to see people you grew up with, also returning from whence they came. Or if you live near family, perhaps you’ll be going to a nearby watering hole with your favorite cousins before you have to deal with the weirdo relatives the next day. The outfit above fits the bill for staying comfortable but looking great.

Dark wash skinny jeans are flattering to most body types, especially when stuffed into knee-height boots. These boots are a sort of cognac color, which is so versatile and beautiful. Wear with black, brown, blue, gray, anything. And the brand of this boot is exceptional–yes, that’s a $150 boot. But the Born brand is synonymous with quality and comfort. I own a pair myself, that I bought at the end of last winter, on deep discount. It’s literally like walking around on a pile of cotton balls all day. Deeply cushioned and comfortable, I can’t recommend this brand enough. I also own the Ann Taylor silk blouse above. It’s stunning. A rich aubergine color, supremely flattering (size up–silk looks best when a bit billowy, not form-fitting), and so classy…if you don’t mind paying for the dry cleaning.

We also have some trendy, sassy hematite earrings. If you have a fuller face, it’s flattering to wear long, dangly earrings; they’ll thin your face. And my favorite brand of watch, Fossil, offers this beautifully minimalistic silver timepiece with a super skinny band.

Thursday Dinner

Stretch Knit Leggings – $19.99; Take a Trip Tunic – $39.99; sevgicharms Hummingbird Bracelet – $24.50; Steve Madden Favoryte – $49.99 ($69.95)

The big event. It seems there are few things more American than stuffing oneself with fattening animal-based foods, then sitting in front of the TV and letting the calories do their worst. For better or for worse, right? Some families require “dressing” for the meal; others say come as you are, even if that’s sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt. The ensemble above hopefully fits both styles. First, the stretchy leggings. You’re going to be eating a lot, there’s no doubt about it. Stretchy waistbands are critical. Topping the leggings is this super cute tan and black tunic with bow accent at the neck. I own this particular tunic and it’s a great top. Easy to wear and style.

Next up is a lovely and simple silver bracelet from Etsy retailer sevgi charms.  Created by proprietor Elif, this New York City artist incorporates her worldwide travels and multi-cultural upbringing into her beautiful jewelry.  Full clutch loves supporting independent artists!

Finally, the perfect pair of flats to complement the black and tan colors of the outfit. Steve Madden is one of our favorite brands, and this flat incorporates the cap toe trend that’s still popular.

Black Friday Shopping

Old Navy The Rockstar Boot-Cut Jeans – $34.94Contrast-stripe tunic sweater – $49.95; KangaROOS Combat Sneakers – $50; Retro Rosie Earrings – $9.99

Full disclosure: I’ve NEVER done Black Friday shopping. I hate crowds. And I’m not really into electronics (which as far as I can tell is what is mainly on sale on BF). And there’s no one in my life insane enough to join me. Every year I think I might try it…and I don’t. Ah well. But if you are one of those nutjobs (and I say this in the most affectionate way possible), we have the outfit for you. Classic bootcut jeans from Old Navy–I find ON jeans fit my figure really well, and are surprisingly high quality. Next up a simple over-sized white sweater with black and red stripes. This top will be easy to slip off and on if you’ll be trying on clothing.

Then…the ROOS. Not familiar with this brand? I’m so thrilled to introduce it to you. I have several pairs of these sneakers and I constantly get compliments. They’re retro-looking; they come in super fun colors; they’re insanely comfortable; they come with a kangaroo insignia. Come on!  I promise you’ll love them. Finally, simple black rosette studs–classic, cute, versatile.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! This is our first year in operation, and full clutch is so thankful for your support and readership!

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