Don’t Forget To Shop Small Business Saturday!

featured photo credit: Mike Licht

We know that today is THE day to find a deal in the retail world, and if you’re brave enough to get out there and fight the masses, godspeed.  But don’t forget about the smaller guys, and the day dedicated to them tomorrow.  Small Business Saturday was conjured up by a not so small guy, American Express, to encourage people to shop independent retailers.  The deals might not be quite as plentiful and the discounts not quite as deep at one of your local shops, but you are supporting people who’ve had the willingness to try and strike out on their own.  That’s not an easy feat, and quite often it can end in failure, but in supporting small businesses in your community you are putting your dollars back into your community.

Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the independent retailers we’ve featured on full clutch this past year…

Moaning Minnie

The term “moaning minnie” refers to a habitual grumbler, but there is nothing to grumble about when it comes of the very stylish goods created by this purveyor from the UK.  Julie Taylor owns, designs, curates, and manually creates all of these incredible hats and wraps. She even has a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale category up and running.  Check it out!


Kila Rohner (Go2Girl) Designs

Inspired by Nature, Kila Rohner incorporates natural elements into all her pieces.  The result is stunning jewelry that doesn’t overpower.  Check out the interview we conducted with her earlier this year, then shop her Etsy shop!


Melanie Grace Designs

If you’re looking for a unique article of clothing, or want to gift someone with such, look no further than Melanie Grace Designs.  Garments are limited edition and one of a kind, with a focus on lasting quality in order to create heirloom pieces.  For more information, check out our interview with Melanie from earlier this year.


Oliveli Handcrafted Jewelry

Featured in a yellow gold jewelry post from Beth back in June, the best way to describe Oliveli Design jewelry is simply beautiful.  All the metal used is high shine, the lines are clean, and the design is simple, yet interesting.  Proprietor Noa Gomel and her father create each piece completely by hand.  See her Etsy shop here.


Dashery and Bip & Bop

We first saw these necklaces last week when Beth gave us some great examples of bow jewelry.  Both stores offer some really fun and unique items.  If you like your jewelry more on the wild/statement side, and prefer silver to gold, check out Dashery.  If your tastes lean more refined, and gold strikes your fancy, you’ll like Bip & Bop.  Right now you can use code HOLIDAYS2012 to take 15% off your Bip & Bop order.


Le Tier Designs

Not too long ago we featured Le Tier Designs, and Tanisha (the owner & designer) provided the Stardust Necklace for a giveaway.  Not only are Tanisha’s pieces beautiful AND affordable, but a portion of all sales benefit  If you are gifting someone in Arizona this season, why not consider purchasing something from Tanish (supporting an Arizona artisan), and that will therefore support Arizona youth.  Double feel-good!

There have been several other independent artisans featured on full clutch in the past year that you can check out.  Try to make it a point to support at least one small business in your community, or on the web, this Saturday!


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