Crazy Tights

Tights have come a long way, baby. Remember when they were white and scratchy and your mom made you wear them to cousin Edna’s wedding? Or perhaps you’re a longtime wearer of pantyhose, the professional woman’s frenemy, in their tepid nude, tan, and sheer black shades, always threatening to run at an inopportune moment. In recent years, fashionistas have been embracing hosiery as one more way to add style and individuality to one’s wardrobe. The picks to follow are not necessarily appropriate for formal workplace wear, but if you work in a casual environment, or you love pulling on a pair of sassy tights for weekend wear, you may find yourself inspired. Enjoy!

Dainty Bow Patterned Tights – $15.99

These darling tights are another example of the bow trend we’ve been seeing so much of this season. Black tights are adorned with tiny white bows.  Pair with a black corduroy skirt and mary jane flats for a throwback look. Oddly, they seem to come in one-size-fits-all, so purchase with caution.

Pin Dot Tights – $8.00 ($9.50)

Another pair of delicately patterned tights, this offering from Old Navy is such a unique color combo, I had to include it. Navy blue background with tiny red pin dots.  These would be really fun with a bright red dress. Thankfully, this pair does come in actual sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL. Also available in black with white dots, or black with multi-colored dots (fun!).

A Tale of New Tights – $29.99

My FAVORITE pick of the bunch. I love old pastoral scenes in blue and white, like these sort of Victorian-themed tights from Modcloth. Pricey, but you’re paying for the unique look of these tights, which you won’t find anywhere else.  As with all tights and socks from Modcloth, these are final sale. Another one-size-fits-all–is this a thing?

Zigzag Tights – $14.95

If you’re not a big fan of patterns, why not try some unusual textures?  These zigzag tights from GAP come in black and look really warm and comfortable. Available in S, M, and L, and one reviewer recommends sizing up.

We Love Colors Tights – $12.50

One of the benefits of reading so many fashion/style blogs is the more obscure brands and sites to which you are exposed. We Love Colors is a darling of the style blogs.  They make highly pigmented tights in a TON of crazy colors, and they’re very high quality and durable. I’ve snagged fingernails and dog claws and jewelry clasps and staples on my WLC tights and I’ve NEVER had a pair run. Shown above in rubine, neon green, and mocha. I own the rubine pair (in addition to emerald, royal and light orange) and they’re just beautiful. I wear them with a black sweater dress and I always get compliments.  Also available in more subdued colors like white, black, and tan.

Cue the Curtain Tights – $19.99

Another lovely pair of hosiery from Modcloth (they really have an extensive selection of great tights–it was hard to pick just two!). These feature a unique pattern that mimics the look of the bottom of a theater curtain, with its swoops and curves. Fishnet styles do tend to be more delicate, so pull on and off with care, and make sure to store some place where they won’t get snagged. Sizes are S/M and M/L.

Sheer Houndstooth Tights – $6.80

Don’t have many opportunities to wear patterned tights, but love the trend?  How about these cheapies from Forever 21? Available in four shades of trendy houndstooth, they’ll hardly break the bank at under $7. Another final sale item, available in sizes S/M and M/L.

Graphic Dot Tights – $15

These delicious tights are from Nordstrom–the color and pattern reminds me of blueberry cobbler.  Shown in purple rosea, they also come in red root (more of a brown tone), and black. Double plus bonus? Buy 2 for $25 and save $5. Sizes are typical hosiery: A/B and C/D (dude, where are the plus sizes?) and the site gives a helpful size chart as well.


2 Responses to “Crazy Tights”
  1. Kelly says:

    I have been hooked on patterned and fun tights for awhile. I’m so glad they are still “in”. Fun picks Beth!

  2. Amber Dillon says:

    I agree with Kelly! I also find that it’s a fun way to add some sex appeal, without wearing fishnets. :)