Gifts For The Stylish Pet (And Owner)

Since Beth introduced us yesterday to I thought we’d continue the trend and throw out some fun gifts for pets, and the people that love them.  I don’t usually dress my dog up, although every once in a while I will put a tiny necktie on one of my cats for laughs.  But I’ll admit, I do like to spoil my pets with treats and toys.  Especially my dog, she seems to appreciate it so much more than my snobby cats.  And yes, all the animals get gifts on Christmas morning.  I don’t like to spend too much money on said gifts, especially because my cats are more interested in the wrapping paper, just like babies.  But there are a lot of gifts out there for pets, and whether you want to buy them or not, they’re entertaining to shop through.  Here are some of the fun finds I came across…


Multipet’s 6-Inch Plush Flea Dog Toy – $8.23

Finally, your dog can have its revenge

My dog actually owns this toy.  Admittedly, I bought it more for my own entertainment, but she really enjoyed de-stuffing it within a couple days of having it.  The poor flea is now limp and missing an eye, but it still makes a good game of tug-of-war.  This will be destroyed almost instantly by most dogs.


Dog About Vehicle Door Protector – $26.96

Keep those doors scratch free

Do you, or someone you know, have a doggie that gets so excited to ride in the car that it creates “doggie nail art” on the interior of your car doors?  If this sounds familiar maybe give this product a go for yourself or as a gift.  Several reviewers on Amazon are happy with it.  The price includes a set of two protectors for left and right rear doors.  Keep the pet owners happy and the dogs from getting yelled at!


K&H Pet Products Kitty Hideout – $69.99

I’m hiding, do not gaze upon me

Very expensive for a cat bed, but you’re kind of paying for looks on this one.  Even the description on the Petsmart website calls the print “high fashion”.  If you really want to spoil kitty, there is a heated option for $30 more.  My question is, do they make the heated option in human size?


The Refined Feline Cat Clouds Cat Shelf – $99.99

No books, just cats

I don’t know if my cats would figure this out.  Perhaps with enough encouragement… and bacon.  These shelves do look cool, and they are covered in faux sheepskin so your kitty can go to town making biscuits if wanted.  If you have a cat that likes to get up high to watch the world (and what cat doesn’t) this would make a great gift.


Team affiliated Pet Gear

Fido can have team spirit too

My feeling is that the biggest team that any of our pets are rooting for is team “food”, but they can help root for your favorite teams with sports inspired gear from  Have a rabid Lakers fan in your life?  They’ve got you covered.  You and your friends rooting for the Pack every weekend?  How about walking your dog at halftime with a Green Bay Packers dog leash?  There’s even NCAA and NHL items available.


DIY Pet Projects

#30 on the list

Are you the crafty type that would prefer creating a gift for your pet on your own?  This list compiled on BuzzFeed links to instructions on how to make everything from your own cat shelves (look out Refined Feline) to “kitty crack“, upcycled pet food canisters to a four poster bed.  You can even make a cardboard cat rocket!


DJ Cat Scratching Pad – $35

DJ Jazzy Cat

Hey mister DJ, put a record on.  Regardless whether a cat can make sweet music with this thing, it’s pretty cool looking.  If you have a friend who’s really into music, and owns a cat, perfect gift!


Harry Barker Tennis Ball Gift Bucket – $29.95

A bucket of joy

When we first adopted my dog Matilda she was scared to death of everything, including tennis balls!  Well, fast forward 8 months and our girl has built up enough confidence to chase a tennis ball and then try and shake the living daylights out of it.  Most doggies find so much joy in tennis balls, and the gift above will tap into that joy for sure!  The balls come in the colors shown, and personalization is included on the bucket.


Catnip Eyeballs – $10.00

As if you cat’s eyes weren’t creepy enough…

Why not?  Sold by HannahPT via Etsy.


Liquid Courage Flask – $20

He’s pretty badass

Just in case you happen to own one of the fiercest creatures on the planet…

Have any other gift suggestions?  Leave em’ below…


2 Responses to “Gifts For The Stylish Pet (And Owner)”
  1. Alan Skinner says:

    The DJ scratch pad is hilarious, but it seems like the kind of thing you would have to hide when company comes over. I really like the monogrammed tennis balls, too. It’s a fantastic idea, and they look really classy. However, what I think is the best on this list is the team-affiliated gear. Our dog has an SMU collar and a red leash for game days.

    BTW, don’t read too far into a guy following this site. We’re approaching Christmas, and I’m just drumming up gift ideas for the wife. :-)

    • Sarah says:

      Alan, stay tuned this week for a holiday gift guide for women on Dappered, written by the ladies of full clutch. Thanks for coming on over and reading!