Guilty Pleasures:

Both Sarah and I are enthusiastic dog (and animal) lovers. There’s nothing quite like getting a face lick in the morning, or having your furry friend rest his head on your lap, or watching your dog sleep-run through a vigorous dream. But despite these joys, dog ownership can be…challenging. My youngest dog ruined five or six pairs of shoes, chewed a hole or two in the carpet, dragged charred corn on the cob husks across the newly shampooed carpet, and still destroys every toy we buy him. If you bump into my oldest dog while he’s sleeping, like to move him out of the way so you, the human, can sit on the couch, or to grab that magazine he’s snoozing on, he howls and carries on like you’re searing him with a hot iron. And though long potty-trained, occasionally he decides he can’t be bothered to venture outside, and he pees right on the carpet. In the same spot. What. the. hell. Anyway, it can be helpful to have an outlet for such frustrations, or even to laugh at the frustrations of other dog owners.

Cooper at left; baby and puppy at right

Enter Dog Shaming. This website invites readers to email with pictures of their dogs next to evidence of their naughtiness. The dog typically is wearing a sign that describes their bad behavior. Though some of the photos are of normal destructive behaviors–destroyed couches, chairs, and clothing–many of them depict hilarious and irreverent disasters these pups have put their owners through. Occasionally the odd cat, bird, bunny, or even rat is shown, but mainly these pages are for dog lovers. In fact, every week they feature dogs in foster families or shelters that need to be adopted, which is such a critical problem in this country. It’s great to see an entertainment site like this providing a needed service. Plus, it’s so fun! Dogs behaving badly!

Boo and Waffle at left; Lucy at right

 I highly recommend Dog Shaming for a bit of comic relief to the end of your work week!


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  1. Meggle says:

    I laughed myself silly! Great post!