Sarah’s Favorite Things In 2012

Ah 2012, you’ve been pretty good to me as far as favorites go.  From coats to make-up, food to books to travel, we’ve had some good times.  I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to your buddy 2013.  But I can’t just let you slip away without reliving some of the finer points you delivered.  Here, in no particular order, are my top ten.

Merona Peacoat – $49.99 (but often on sale for less)

. . .

This really is a spectacular deal for a peacoat.  It’s cropped, so it won’t fully cover your bum, but if you’re o.k. with that I highly recommend this coat as an affordable option.  I have the blue sapphire (teal), and love how great it looks with jeans.  There are 15 colors offered in this coat, from the classic black, to a bright pumpkin or pink.  They’re often on sale for $35.  At that price, you can have several brightly colored peacoats in your wardrobe.  These do tend to run big on the average body, so I would recommend sizing down.


The Passage & The Twelve – $7.99 to $15.78

. . .

The Passage is a vampire story, but there are no “nice” vampires in this tale.  They’re killing machines created by a government experiment gone horribly wrong.  Fast forward 100 years after the first vampires made their escape out of the Colorado compound they were being contained in, and you meet some of the few human survivors left on our planet.  And it all gets nuts from there!  If you’re looking for a read that will keep you engrossed through every page, treat yourself to these books.


Superfood Salad

. . .

You’ve probably started to notice packages of “super” greens popping up in your local grocery store.  Kale seems to be the darling of the greens world right now.  It’s earned that good reputation for a reason though!  One cup of chopped kale has 34 calories, 206% of your daily vitamin A, 9% of your calcium, 6% of your iron, and %134 of your vitamin C.  Truly a super food!  The deli section of one of my local grocery stores makes a superfood salad that I’m addicted to.  Turns out the ingredients for the salad are exactly the same as Whole Foods superfood salad.  Treat your body, and taste buds, to a salad like this on a regular basis.  photo credit


bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss – $18

. . .

This one just barely made it into my 2012 favorites, simply because I just tried it for the first time a few weeks ago when it came in my Ipsy Glam Bag.  It’s become my go to gloss.  It’s very hydrating, due to the shea, avocado, and murumuru butters contained within.  It also has a lovely sugar/vanilla scent.  If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, I’d say give it a go.  If you prefer an unscented gloss try being TRUE Satin Lip Shine.


French Connection Jersey Tie Waist Dress

. . .

Early this year, while in Vegas celebrating a good friends 30th birthday, I happened upon the French Connection store in the Miracle Miles Shops at Planet Hollywood.  They had several different fabric versions of their short sleeve jersey dress (shown above at right) on sale, so I picked up a couple.  I love these dresses.  They’re very comfortable and complimentary.  Of course they are perfect for warm weather, but you can layer underneath them to extend them into cool weather.  I don’t own any of the longer sleeve versions of the dress, but I’m sure they’re just as comfy.  You can find short sleeve versions from last spring for as low as $55, and the newest long sleeve models are running around $130.


Origins Vitazing – $35

. . .

I couldn’t not mention Vitazing.  It’s one of my favorite finds of the year!  Originally discovered as part of the Sephora Sun Safety Kit for 2012, it had me at hello.  I love the way this products looks and feels on my skin.  A definite keeper for a long time to come.


Group Workouts

. . .

In 2012 a good friend in my circle realized a dream of hers and was certified as a personal trainer.  Of course, being the good friends that we are, several of us in the circle signed up to take part in the weekly group workouts she started in a private gym space she shares with another instructor.  I’ve never really worked out in a group class before, I prefer to be solitary when I exercise.  At least I USED to prefer to be solitary.  I didn’t realize how fun it is to work out with a group of individuals that have similar fitness goals.  If you struggle to keep yourself active, especially during the winter months, start attending a group exercise class.  Whether it’s plyometric based,  dance, self defense, spin… if you’re working out with a group of people you’re motivated to push yourself farther, and you have a support base for your fitness goals.  Even if you know  no one when you start, that won’t last long.  Soon enough you’ll have a new friend to chow down on some superfood salad with.  photo credit


Daniel Craig


The very first time I saw Daniel Craig come on screen as MI6 agent James Bond in Casino Royale, I didn’t buy in immediately.  Every Bond since Sean Connery  just hasn’t live up in my book.  Then came the scene with Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean, and I was a little more on board at that point.  Now, I can’t believe he ever wasn’t Bond!  He plays the character with a sexy, doesn’t give a frick swagger that has made Bond appealing to an entirely new generation.  Well done, Mr. Craig.  And thanks for being easy on the eyes.


Florence + the Machine – Ceremonials

This is one of my favorite albums of the year.  I love listening to Florence Welch just belt out her vocals at the top of her lungs.  The album varies from light and upbeat to dark and brooding, but through it all the arrangements are interesting and harmonious, and Florence keeps on dragging you in with her siren song.  Check out this full album review on



. . .

Somehow, in 2012, all my lucky stars aligned and I took a week long trip to London with my hubby.  We had friends flat sitting in the east end of London, thus had a free, yes-FREE, place to stay.  When would a circumstance like that come along again?  So we packed our bags and took our first overseas excursion.  And I LOVED LONDON.  What an incredible city.  We were there in September, post Olympics,  and it seemed to me like the perfect time of year to go.  The weather was great, the Londoners gracious, the food delicious (contrary to popular belief), the beer plentiful, and all the tourist sites truly live up to expectations.  I would go back in a heartbeat, there was so much left to explore.  If ever given the opportunity to go, don’t hesitate.

Wow 2012, you really were good to me!  I will be sad to see you go.  Tell 2013 a rent-free apartment in Spain would be right up my alley.


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