Digging up Uncommon Gifts at Uncommon Goods

If you’ve never been to uncommongoods.com before, you’re in for a treat.  Many of the items sold through Uncommon Goods are made by artisans here in the United States.  And even the stuff made overseas is still pretty darn cool.  I’ve listed some of my favorites below, but be warned!  Once you start looking through the Uncommon Goods website it’s hard to stop!


Fortune Keeper Key Chain – $24

No more lost fortunes

Is this one of the coolest key-chains ever or what?  The back side has an acrylic sheet you slip your fortune behind.  What a great way to keep track of those fortunes that you, for some strange reason, just need to hold on to.  Key chains are made in Brooklyn, NY.  Fortunes are not included, you’re on your own to go find some cookies.


LP Record Frame – $22

Modern and Retro

What a great way to re-purpose old records, and the result is really cool looking!  If you, or someone you know, has a modern or eclectic taste in decor, this frame will fit right in.  Created by artist Jeff Davis in Philadelphia.


Tagua Bib Necklace – $69

Ivory this ain’t

Tagua, commonly referred to as “vegetable ivory”, comes from the seed of the ivory palm and is often used in place of elephant ivory (take that poachers!).  The open beads on this statement necklace are carved from Tagua in Columbia.  A very interesting, stylish, and environmentally sound way to add color to your wardrobe.


Oyster Mushroom Kit – $19.95

Love mushrooms?  Grow your own!  Or give this to a child to help instill wonder of our natural world.  Once these mushrooms are grown, they’re ready for harvest.  You can use them in the pizza cone (keep reading).  Kit is made in Oakland, California.


Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projector – $48

Lots of drama from one little light

Create some beautiful shadows on your walls with these Lumen Oil Candles by Brooklyn artist Adam Frank.  Perfect for the darker corner of a room during a dinner or cocktail party.  The flickering candlelight makes the tree look like it’s swaying in the wind.  Price is for one projector, and choices are shown above.


Bora Scarf – $35

Necklace? Scarf? Both!

The very cool thing about this scarf is that the yarns (made of acrylic and alpaca) that are draped together look like a beaded necklace, so this is truly a piece you can wear throughout the year (as long as you’re neck doesn’t get too sweaty).  Handmade in High Point, NC, and the alpaca fur is from North Carolina raised alpacas.  Don’t worry, alpacas are shorn, like sheep, thus they are not harmed for their fur.


Pizza Cone Kit – $25

Now, ice cream for dessert

If my family had these when I was a kid I think I would have rallied to make every night pizza cone night.  A fun take on pizza, and a great way to get little ones to eat veggies!  Make sure you crimp that bottom shut tight, or you might end up with pizza sauce leaking from the bottom.  Then it’s a race to eat your pizza cone fast enough!


I’ll Be There Necklace – $95

Just call my name

A lovely silver sterling and 22k gold plated brass necklace with a very touching sentiment carved on the silver plate.  A great gift for anyone that is going through stressful times, or really for anyone you love.  Designed by Kathy Bransfield and handmade in California.


Toggle Switch Plate – $40-$50

There will be fights to turn the lights on and off

I want these on every light-switch in my house.  Overkill?  I don’t care, they’re so fun!  There is a double switch option as well.  Great for a kids room, man cave, or just as a conversation piece in a prominent place.


MaKey MaKey Circuit Board – $40

You’ve never wanted to use fruit to control things on your computer, or to turn your stairs into a giant piano?  Well, someone in your life probably has dreamed about such impossibilities.  Impossible no longer, thanks to the MaKey MaKey.  All it take is attaching the alligator clips to everyday objects, and you can use them to control certain functions on your computer’s keyboard.  Great gift for any kid that is a budding computer whiz.  Could also possibly be used to play practical jokes.

Have fun shopping the site, and if anything catches your eye, leave it in the comments! 


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  1. Those toggle switch plates are great.