Skittle Nail Art

Nail art nerd Beth is back to bring you another manicure trend: the Skittle manicure, so named, I believe, because of the variety of colors available in a package of Skittles. The Skittle manicure features a different look on each nail, though this look works best if something is tying each nail together, whether that’s a theme (flowers), or a color (purples). I myself am ambivalent about this look. I think it looks really cool in the photos, but wearing it on a daily basis is a little too chaotic and busy for me. I still wanted to bring full clutch readers two examples of the Skittle manicures I’ve tried in case this look is right up your alley, so here we go…

Red Skittle

For this manicure I used Rimmel Stiletto Red as the base. On my thumb, I’m wearing Wet n’ Wild Fergie nail color in No Place Like Home over the Rimmel base. On my index finger I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317 with China Glaze Passion for the stamp. I loved how sweet this floppy little bow looked. On my middle finger I used my MASH dotting tools to create a series of diagonal dots with all the colors in the manicure. This is definitely my favorite design of all the nails in the manicure. On my ring finger I used China Glaze Passion again for an alternative French manicure. Finally I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Brilliant Bordeaux on my pinky nail. Originally I tried to just do diagonal stripes but the nail polish got kind of thick so I ended up with sun-ray style stripes that grower thicker at the edge of the nail. I used Sable brand nail art brushes for the striping.

Black Skittle

The base here is A-England in Bridal Veil. On the pinky I used Bundle Monster plate BM-310 with Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish in White. On the ring finger and my thumb I used Rimmel Stiletto Red and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear in White On with MASH dotting tools to make the flowers. On my middle finger I used the Rimmel again for an alternative French manicure. The pointer finger has a column of six large pieces of glitter, which I bought from I’ll do a future post on using sequins on your nails but the short story is that you apply a coat of clear to the nail, then dip the very tip of a toothpick in clear nail polish, then touch the toothpick to the piece of glitter, and place on the nail as desired. When you’re done applying all the sequins to the nail, top with two more coats of clear.

I think the Skittle manicure is great for trying out a bunch of different looks at once, especially if the base color is a new polish and you want to see how it works with other polishes or designs. So what do you think? Is the Skittle manicure for you?

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