December Birchbox

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Yay, it’s time for another Birchbox review! Incidentally, though this review is labeled as “December” there is always a one month delay on the boxes I review.  They arrive mid-month, and I need enough time to use and test the products. So this month’s review actually arrived last month. Confused yet? Me too. Let’s dive in.


Atelier Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue

From left: 30ml – $70; 200 ml – $195

The bad news about this fragrance is that the company insists on writing a narrative to go along with each scent. Here’s a sample:

“She turned the dial until the safe opened, revealing the diamond. She had stolen jewels before, but none compared with this one. She left a single rose and the scent of her perfume in its place for him to find. In a moment she’d be halfway around the world and he would be in pursuit. The chase began again…”

Wow is that cheesy. The good news is that this is a beautiful perfume. It starts with that sharp, almost bitter scent that a rose gives off, then finishes with a hint of sweetness–almost like brown sugar or caramel. It wears all day, and it reacts nicely with body chemistry. It is very, very expensive.  30 ml, of which the smaller container at left above is, is the equivalent of 1 ounce. That’s hardly anything. The typical price for a designer fragrance like Burberry, in the same size, is $30. I don’t like it enough to spend that much, but I’m enjoying having the sample at my disposal.


Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder

From left: Jasmine ; Lavender & Clary Sage 

Two or three years ago I tried out a dry shampoo and it was disastrous. The powder didn’t seem to do anything except make the roots of my hair look white and flaky. Gross. So when I got this powder I was not expecting much. And I think that’s the trick for dry shampoo–or hair powder, whatever you want to call it. Temper expectations. This powder did not make my hair look like it had been recently washed. But it *did* combat the oil at my roots, especially by the temples and forehead, sufficiently enough that I could be seen in public without feeling like a greaseball. And it worked much more successfully than the dry shampoo from two years ago had. To use, you rub a dime sized amount between your palms, then work into the roots of your hair, then brush through. I had to use probably a nickel size amount to de-grease. Available for $9.50 for 1 ounce travel size on Amazon or $30 for 4 ounce size on the Birchbox website.


Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector

I use BB Cream everyday, which is an amazing foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen/blemish fighter/blemish hider/wrinkle reducer/you name it. It has eliminated my need for cover up and powder most days. The product above boasts similar all-inclusive properties:

This concentrated skin treatment addresses fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, environmental stresses, dark spots, and dullness. Delivering a mix of imperfection blurring optical diffusers and powerful active ingredients, this silky-smooth texture virtually becomes one with your skin.

You’re supposed to apply this product before any makeup, so in my case, I applied right before I applied the BB cream. Because of how well my BB cream works, I feel like there are diminishing returns on how even my skin tone is going to look, or how invisible my blemishes will be. In other words, I didn’t notice a difference with this product at all. But, if you don’t like BB cream or foundation, maybe this would be a good choice instead. It’s more of an ointment than a serum that feels light and silky on the skin, though it does apply oily. $58 for 1 ounce–a bit of an investment though a little goes a long way.


ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara

Full disclosure: I don’t think I ever got the hang of applying this mascara. The idea is that it has actual fibers in the tube, and you rotate the brush inside the tube to pick them up, then apply them to your eyelashes. This makes it looks like you have false eyelashes on without having to bother with glue and such. I was not able to drag up the fibers, so I mainly applied a dryish wand to my eyelashes. But, there are a lot of people crazy for this product on the Interwebs so I suspect it’s user error. Perhaps it is necessary to master a specific wrist movement? I will say that I loved that this product came with a little mirror on the side of the tube. Genius!


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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    Beth, what BB cream do you use?