20% off from Modcloth

Twenty percent off is not a dynamite sale, admittedly, but if you’re a die-hard Modcloth fan like myself, you’ll take whatever you can get. The selection is actually quite good–for now–with tons of clothing items, accessories, and housewares. It’s too late to get guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve, but if you have any friends or family with birthdays coming up in the next month, or if you will be celebrating the holidays after the fact, this could be a good opportunity for savings.



New Hire and Higher Dress at left is such an elegant and classy dress, for $55.99 ($69.99). Some reviewers rue the slim cut doesn’t allow a good fit for hippy gals, so take note before ordering. The Navy Notion Dress at right for $41.99 ($52.99) is a linen frock. Not great for winter, unless you live in a climate-blessed area, but what a great deal to snap up now, and have hanging in your closet in promise of warmer weather. Many sizes, including plus, available. Read the reviews to find out if this dress will fit your body type well..



The Musee des Art Decoratifs Skirt (how’s that for a mouthful?) is a rayon/linen skirt with a bit of flounce and a lot of sass. The bow is removable if that’s too fussy for your taste. A great price point at $27.99 ($34.99). The Book Smart Skirt at right is available for $29.99 ($37.99) and features a palette of neutral colors in pleats with perforation detail down the center of each. Though it looks light, it does come lined so you don’t have to bother with a slip. S, M, & L all still available.



I am the proud owner of the Corner Coffee Shop Cardigan [$47.99 ($59.99)] at left. First thing I’ll say is that it doesn’t keep its shape great. See how nicely that wide collar stands up? Doesn’t happen in real life. While wearing, I have to fuss with the collar every couple hours to get it to keep shape. So that’s a bummer (I’ve been meaning to experiment with starch). BUT. It’s still a great sweater that I feel really sophisticated and confident in. I wear a sheer, long-sleeved black shirt underneath and black slim pants, with my hair up in a high bun to accentuate the wide collar. Not exactly a sweater but still a great pick is the Shawl on Me Sweater for $37.99 ($47.99). Very high reviews for this item on the site. Only smalls left so hurry and order!



This stunner from BB Dakota is called the Take a Breakwater Coat. Available for $95.99 ($119.99), it is categorized as a coat, but some reviewers say it’s pretty light. Looks to me like you could wear as a heavy wrap or sweater. Beautiful deep teal color, and all sizes available. The Ivy League Reunion Coat for $109.99 ($137.99) is a bold look in orange and black. Another one for the petite gals out there–sizes XS and S are the only sizes left.


House Decor

Modcloth isn’t just for clothing and shoes. They have a huge collection of quirky housewares. Love the Owl Clean Bath Mat [$23.99 ($29.99)] with its winking eye and bright colors. 95 reviews and a full five star average? As close to a guarantee as you’re gonna get. Another eclectic find is the Grace Against Time Wall Clock for $63.99 ($79.99). This item comes with the center clock piece, and then an additional silhouettes of birds in flight. Create a traditional circle shape for the clock, or scatter in an artistic fashion like the example above.



Is it just me or are mustaches everywhere? No, it’s not just Movember, I think men’s facial hair is coming back with a vengeance. For the whisker enthusiast in your life, how about the It’ll Grow Bracket Poster $19.99 ($24.99), “a field guide to typestaches”? Prefer fur to hair? The Hipster Puppies coffee table book for $10.99 ($13.99) is a hysterical, irreverent take on the hipster trend, using puppies in costume to underscore the ridiculous elements of the hipster culture. Pick it up for the good-natured fedora-wearing man in your life.


2 Responses to “20% off from Modcloth”
  1. Sarah says:

    I have the Navy Notion Dress – I received it as a gift a year or so ago – and the linen material is actually pretty thick, so I’ve found that it works fine in the winter layered with tights and a sweater. Enjoy the sale price!

  2. Sarah says:

    If you order $100 or more by 12/19, you’ll get free two day shipping.