Time To Say Thank You

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Well, it’s over.  364 more days to go until the next gift giving blitz known as Christmas.  Hopefully you were able to spend quality time with the ones you love, and maybe received a gift or two you were hoping for.  And now, it’s time to say thank you.  This year, consider doing it the old fashioned way; write out a card and send it!  Here are few fun notecard suggestions:


UFF Thank You Boxed Notecards – $13.75
Put  A Bird On It

Put A Bird On It

This Thank You notecard set features plump little birds flanking the “thank you” notation on the front of each card.  You’ll get four chickens, four peacocks, and four penguins (very appropriate as Christmas thank you’s), along with sealing stickers and designer envelopes.  A very cute, and trendy set of Thank You cards.


chickprint Helicopter or Circus Dog & Seal Thank You Notes – $18.00
For Boys Or Girls

For Boys Or Girls

Two very fun sets from Etsy shop chickprint.  Cards are printed on 80 lb cotton paper, and includes kraft colored envelopes.  These bold graphic print cards will probably get stuck to the recipients fridge with a magnet.  Each set includes 10 cards and envelopes.


Graphique de France Turtle Boxed Thank You Notes – $8.25
I Like Turtles

I Like Turtles

As do I, young man.  In fact, lots of people like turtles, and will be charmed by these simple, yet high quality cards.  This set of ten note cards is printed on premium cream paper and the turtle is raised and embellished with gold leaf.  A good set of cards to have on hand for everyday use.


Yellow Poppy Flowers Letterpress Notecard Set – $15.00
A Reminder Of Spring

A Reminder Of Spring

Wow, this set from Etsy shop TeeNeeMi is just gorgeous.  Ouch, $15 for just five cards!  BUT, these cards are made on extremely high quality stock, and each card is pressed using an 1885 Chandler & Price Old Style 8×12 printing press.  And this printing press is run off treadle power, which means it’s manually powered by foot.  These cards take patience and love to create, and the results reflect that.  Cards are blank, so you can write your own sentiments inside.


Vera Bradley Thank you Cards in Ellie Blue – $9.00
Great Coordinating Envelope

Great Coordinating Envelope

What a fun surprise to open the envelope and find that the lining matches the card.  I’m always impressed by things like that.  It makes the card seem more expensive, though this set of ten cards with matching envelope only runs $9.  Little money, big card.

We hope your holiday season has given you plenty to be thankful for!


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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I love those Vera Bradley cards with the envelope!