Friend Recommends: Munki Munki pajamas


We’re back with another fabulous edition of Friend Recommends, where we make our friends and family do our work for us! Friend Margaret is advocating luxurious bedtime comfort at a very reasonable price. With winter temps dropping in much of the country, we’re all for it! Let’s see what Margaret has to say…

What is the name of the product, and where can you get it?

Munki Munki flannel pajamas are the best ever! I bought my two pairs online from Nordstrom’s.

How much do they cost?

I paid $68 at Nordstrom’s, which is a good price, considering the fact that if you buy online directly from the company, or from or the Pajama Company, the prices are $20 – $26 more. (As an FYI, cotton, poplin, and thermal pajamas and nightshirts are also available, but I’ve only purchased flannel.) Editor’s note: Select Munki Munki nightshirts are 33% off right now.

How long have you been wearing this product?CloseUpMunkiPJs

I’ve worn my pajamas since the beginning of winter.

Why do you love them?

They are my favorites. The fabric is soft, warm, and incredibly comfortable. The prints are quirky and fun; I have an ivory pair with pictures of sushi and a pink pair with sock monkeys. Other designs include orange giraffes, pink weiner dogs, blue polka dots, purple squirrels, aqua bicycles, pink bananas, purple Russian dolls, and ivory passports. Matching headbands were included with my two sets.

Why are they different from other pajamas you’ve worn?

I like the fact that the pjs are generously cut because I think sleepwear should be roomy for maximum comfort. Most pajama bottoms are too short for me (I’m 5’7”) in the rise and in leg length, but these fit just right. And if you’re petite, you can use the snaps at the bottom of the legs to shorten them. The bottoms have wide, nonbinding drawstrings, insuring a customized fit around the waist. I give my Munki Munki pajamas an A+ for style, fit, and comfort.


2 Responses to “Friend Recommends: Munki Munki pajamas”
  1. anne says:

    hi, may I know what size do you wear? I can’t decide between small and x small and I am 168cm tall.

    • Beth says:

      Margaret reports that she wears a size large in the pajamas, but that’s mainly to accommodate wider hips, otherwise, she’d probably be a size medium. Hope that helps!