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Clean FoodThe new year is here.  And during the last couple of months of the year past, I feel like I ate and drank my way through a good amount of those days.  Rich foods supplemented with wine has left me feeling sluggish, and with the desire to get some good, simple, healing foods into my system.  And my go to recipe book for such food needs?  Clean Food by Terry Walters.

Terry Walters is a nutritionist and chef who focuses on eating whole foods that are super nutritious for our bodies, and help the organs and systems of our bodies function at their best.  She also divides her recipes up into seasonal sections, so you can make recipes with foods that are naturally available during the season currently being experienced.  All her recipes are vegan and mostly gluten free, but meat can be added if you feel the need, and the meal will still be ultra nutritious (just keep the meat whole and not processed).

The book contains over 200 recipes that include salads, soups, entrees, and even decadent desserts that are actually good for you.  The introduction of the book contains great information about the nutrition contained within many whole food groups, including veggies, fruits, grains, and legumes.  She also gives good information on sugar and sweeteners, and a detailed glossary of most of the ingredients used in the recipes that may not be something you hear of everyday.  The glossary gives some highlights of nutrition on each entry, plus information in which organs in the body are especially benefited by it.  For example, did you know that fennel contains phytoestrogens, which can be helpful during menopause?

If you have a goal of eating better this year, weather it’s a full blown change to your diet, or smaller steps like a nutritious vegan or vegetarian meal a few times a week, I highly recommend this recipe book for your arsenal.  Check out Terry’s website and blog here.  Do those crispy chickpeas in the December 17th posting look delicious or what?

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    I’d like to read this! Thanks Sarah!