Boutique Nail Polish: Cirque


As I’ve been delving deeper into the seedy underbelly of nail art blogging, I’ve learned that there are all these “boutique” nail polish brands out there. Boutique usually means that the company is run by a single person, who creates each formula and often hand mixes each batch of polish. The result is unique shades of (usually) high quality polishes. I first heard about Cirque through the awesome nail blog Chalkboard Nails. French Roast by Cirque was my first foray into boutique nail polishes, and I’ll definitely be seeking out unique independent brands in the future!


French Roast – $13


I named French Roast one of my “favorite things” in 2012. Here it’s shown in two coats over one coat of a deep brown polish (similar here). You can certainly apply it by itself but it will have a much lighter, translucent look, as shown on the Cirque website, and I wanted a really rich, opaque look. I applied two coats of clear over the top, then touched up in the days following with more coats of clear, since the natural finish is pretty gritty from all the glitter. I love, love, love this polish. It has flecks of brown, copper, gold, and even light green. It’s just beautiful, and especially perfect for fall and winter.


Vaudeville – $13


Since I was paying for shipping (which was a very reasonable $3), I figured might as well add an additional polish to the cart. I chose Vaudeville, which is accurately described as “a muted lavender polish with gold and turquoise shimmer.” This is a very subtle, beautiful polish, quite unlike any other shade I’ve seen. If you don’t like the intensity of the French Roast and tend to lean toward more subtle colors, this would be a great choice for you. Not flashy, but quietly lovely. I think this shade would look beautiful on springtime toes.


Other shades I’d love to try from this collection:

Hellebore – $13


Described as “a dazzling spring green glitter polish with sparks of pink and fuchsia,” by the Cirque website. This is what I love about the Cirque polishes–the base (in this case spring green) is coupled with accents in surprising colors (pink and fuschia).


Au – $28


The ultimate indulgence in nail polish, this polish has gen-u-ine 23k gold leaf and is meant to be a topper, which means you apply over another shade of nail polish. I love the combo above with the decadent gold over the muted seafoam tone.


Alter Ego – $42


I love black-based polishes, and this one features a “cosmic holographic” boost, which means it’s super flashy and in the light shows all different colors of the rainbow. It’s a stunning polish. The reason for the hefty price is that proprietor Annie paired with jewelry maker Arms and Armory to offer a gunmetal-plated ring along with the polish. I wish the polish was available on its own, but alas…at this moment this package is out of stock but I’m hopeful it will available soon.

I’m very happy with my Cirque purchases-if you’re looking to treat yourself to a beauty product, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Cirque brand!


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