Pantone Color of 2013

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Pantone is a “color corporation” which is basically a very fancy, more complex color swatch organization. Their color guides are used in any industry that needs to choose, match or reproduce specific colors, like printing or paint. Still not clear? Me neither, but I think the gist is that it controls colors. So when the printer cartridge that you use in your home printer says it includes the color hue “cyan” this is the same cyan in every printer cartridge made by every company, so that HP cyan is reliably the same as Epson cyan. Pantone is the central standard for color that all companies who deal in color can refer to.

How is this relevant to the style/fashion/beauty industry? Every year, Pantone quizzes designers and manufacturers to see what products and garments they have in the pipeline for the following year. Based on this information, plus other factors to which the unwashed masses are not privy, Pantone declares the color for the year. Last year it was “Tangerine Tango” which was also called mango, coral, and orange. Presumably major designers and brands already have their colors and products picked out for the coming year by the time Pantone makes this announcement, but perhaps it influences smaller outfits that might have less turn around time between design and production?

This year’s color has been announced–emerald. The Pantone describes the reason for its choice in this way: “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” This seems a little corny, but I guess I do associate green with balance and harmony, since it’s such a natural color. So, if you love emerald tones, time to squirrel away money for all the items you’ll see in stores and fawn over. If you hate this color, time to go underground until 2014.

EmeraldProducts BR Sweet step-stone bracelet – $45; Lauren Ralph Lauren Wallet – $98; Pour La Victoire Heels – $115.90 ($228.95)

What do you think? Are you digging the Pantone 2013 color?


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