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A lot of us are thinking about working out this time of year.  Over consumption goes hand in hand with the holidays, and come early January, many of us are starting a workout plan, enhancing our workout plan, or just getting back to our normal workout plan.  And most of us aren’t slipping on a pair of jeans to get this done.  Most exercise requires comfy clothes that fit well and will move with you.  Otherwise, you might be spending half your workout adjusting and readjusting those ill fitting pants or that stretched out bra.  And working out in holey t-shirts and stained shorts can make you feel sloppy in the act.  Keeping your workout clothes well-fitting and in good shape can make you feel good even before the workout begins.  And if your friend wants to take you out for a smoothie post spin class, you don’t have to worry about who might see you.

40's Workout

Working out in kitten heels not recommended (click on photo for source)

Upgrading your workout style doesn’t have to break the bank, especially this time of year.  Tis’ the season of resolutions, and retailers know that January is the time to run sales and cash in on all those self-improvement promises.  So take advantage and get some new clothes that will make you feel good before, during, and after your workouts.  Here are few picks to get you going…


Glamorise No Bounce Back Close Bra – $26

Glamorise Bra

First things first.  If you’re C cup or up, a good bra can be imperative to a good workout.  Not only will it keep you more comfortable, but it will also spare Joe Schmoe from the acrobatic feats unsupported breasts can accomplish when being pushed by gravity.  You likely don’t want to be that kind of distraction at the gym, unless you’re single and have had your eye on Joe Schmoe.  A bra like this will keep the girls in line.  It may not be the cutest, but you can fix that with a workout top.  JCPenney sells this bra, and all reviews say it’s very supportive.  You get to choose your band and cup size, which will give you a tailored fit.   Most bras of this caliber cost much, much more.  A very good deal!


Jala Clothing Asana Gathered Waist Capri – $53

Jala Clothing Asana Gathered Waist Capri

Not currently on sale, but these cute capris are a pretty decent price without a sale.  The gathered, wide fold over waistband is the perfect way to camouflage a tummy pooch, and the fitted style of the leg make these great for yoga or running.  Plus the pink color offered is a nice break from the usual black or grey that most workout pants come in.  Sold by Activewear USA.


Moving Comfort Sprint Tee – $35.99 ($45)

Moving Comfort Sprint Tee

Here’s a workout t-shirt with a lot of style.  All the ruching is very feminine, and will help hide lumps and bumps.  The ruching continues on the back of the shirt to keep it interesting.  If ruching shows up frequently in your everyday wear, why not have it carry over to your exercise?  Ships and returns free from Zappos.


New Balance Print Shell Tank – $21.99 ($42)

New Balance Print Shell Tank

Here’s an interesting tank from New Balance, on sale at 6pm.com.  The fading, neon stripes give it an 80’s vibe.  Looks to be fairly long (25″ in length), so petite girls may want to steer clear.  Features Lightning Dry fabric to wick moisture away from your skin.  The markdown price is great, and as a bonus, 6pm.com ships for free!


GapFit Contrast-seam Fleece Hoodie – $44.95

GapFit contrast-seam fleece hoodie

A hoodie is a great thing to have pre and post workout.  It’s lightweight and not bulky, thus easy to store.  It has pockets for your keys.  And they’re just comfy.  This contrast seam hoodie from GAP makes the humble hoodie look a little more dressed up.  Plus the contrast seams just look sportier, perfect for activewear.  The price shown is full retail, but GAP always seems to be having a sale nowadays, so you shouldn’t have to pay full price if you want to purchase it.


lululemon Wunder Under Pant – $82

lululemon Wunder Under Pant

These pants are getting up there in price, but nothing comes cheap at lululemon.  For good reason though, there is a lot of quality that goes into their products.  The Wunder Under Pant was designed with yoga in mind, but can be used for any type of workout.  The seams lay flat to discourage chaffing, there is a small inside key pocket in the extra wide waistband (which is extra soft to eliminate muffin top), and, to quote the website, the “gusset is designed to give your lady business the privacy it deserves”.  The price is steep, but with several color options, and the quality built in, they’re likely worth it.


Merrell Bare Access Arc Barefoot Running Shoes – $65.95 ($90)
Merrell Bare Access Arc Barefoot Running Shoes

. . .

Sierra Trading Post can be a great place to find top name athletic footwear at really great prices.  Take for instance the Merrell running shoes above that are marked down to $65.  I walk around barefoot, or in very little support, when I am at home, and have found when working out that I prefer deconstructed shoes.  “Barefoot” runners are perfect for that.  But these still offer some cushioning at the heel and toe, plus the shoes provides protection for the top of your foot.  Available in several color options.

Some final words — if putting on a little makeup and throwing some earrings or a necklace on make you feel more confident, do it for your workout too (just don’t wear anything that could get caught in machinery)!  Feeling good, and attractive, while you’re exercising will keep you motivated to make it a lifelong habit.  Do what you need to make it work for you!


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