Guilty Pleasures: TV Bloopers

Confession: I love watching gag reels on YouTube from my favorite sitcoms. For newer series, uploaded bloopers can be difficult to find, but for the older classics, there are tons of options available. Some videos are for a specific season of the tv show, and some are just a compilation. The best ones out there are for The Office and Seinfeld, but Friends is also pretty entertaining. What’s funny is not that they flub lines, but when one of the actors breaks character to start laughing because the scene is so funny. This often leads to several broken scenes in a row with several actors struggling to keep in character. It gives us mortals a sneak peek at what it must be like to work on some of television’s funniest shows. Long hours to be sure, but how fun to work at a place whose main goal is to make viewers laugh?


The Office Bloopers


Steve Carrell (Michael) has the best spontaneous laugh–we never really hear it on The Office because it’s always kind of forced. But when he breaks character and really laughs, it’s so genuine. I also find Rainn Wilson (Dwight) so delightful when he’s being himself because Dwight is so serious and unlikeable much of the time. Also, John Krasinksi (Jim) has a really high-pitched laugh that’s hilarious.


Seinfeld Bloopers


My favorite bloopers in Seinfeld involve Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) and Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza–George’s father). JLD frequently breaks character. In many scenes the other actors roll their eyes or sigh loudly when she breaks, because it happens so often. But I find it really endearing. And Jerry Stiller doesn’t often break, but actors in scenes with him do, because his voice and delivery are so funny and spot-on.


Friends Bloopers

Friends has some great gag reels that reveal the affection between the cast members. When someone screws up, the other person often teases them, or gives them a hug. It’s another fun insight into what the set must have been like. Matt LeBlanc (Joey) has such a great genuine smile when the scene breaks and I love Courteney Cox’s (Monica) high-pitched laugh.


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