Melie Bianco Handbags

Melie Bianco is a handbag company founded by a husband and wife. They use only faux leather (that is very high quality and looks and feels just like real leather), plus durable hardware and beautiful lining. I discovered this brand at a local boutique, but when I looked into the company, I found that they sell their wares all over the internet, as well as many shops across the country. I can personally vouch for the high quality of the bags having bought one myself. If you’re not familiar with Melie Bianco, take a look at these fun purses, totes, satchels, and clutches!


Lock and Keepsake Bag – $119.99


This bag is available on, a frequent proprietor of Melie Bianco bags. The material is lightly textured to imitate real leather, and consumer reviews of this bag are very high. Make sure to check out the dimensions of the bag–it’s smaller than it looks.


Emma – $99


Tired of the typical brown or black purse? This beautiful blue satchel challenges what we’re used to seeing in handbags. Wear over the shoulder or carry over the wrist. Lots of room in this bag for those who like to haul around lots of stuff. More great reviews from buyers.


Tess Shoulder Bag – $89.18 ($98)


One of my favorite bags I’ve seen from Melie Bianco. The shape is appealing and practical, the detailing is spot on without being too fussy, and how fun are these colors? Also available in taupe and black.


Iris – $95


This style bag has a vintage aesthetic. I can picture my grandma walking down the street in the 50’s with this on her arm. The color is called mustard, though the tone looks a bit more restrained on my monitor. Great year-round color, appropriate in all seasons.


Winnie Mini – $61.06 ($73)


This clutch is SO on trend–gold detailing AND a cute little owl on the clasp. Plus, it comes in so many great colors: black, lilac-grey, peacock blue, wheat (above), and wine (above). Use as a clutch or hang over your shoulder.


Keiko Clutch – $46.78 ($53)


Looking for something a little glitzier? This darling sequined clutch is perfect for a special event. It functions as a clutch but comes with a chain to hang over your shoulder if you prefer. Like all the other MB bags, the lining is a darling polka dot pattern.


Sabrina Double Belted Satchel – $31.49 ($88)


Isn’t this double belting so unusual on a handbag? I love the element of surprise here–a pretty standard black bag with this extra detailing and hardware. A VERY reasonable price for the high quality of an MB bag.


Zeta Patent Croco Clutch – $15.29 ($53)


This clutch is a great example of MB’s quality. Look at the detail on this faux croc clutch. Beautifully executed, and no crocodiles were harmed in the making of this bag. Plus, it’s DIRT cheap. Snap it up while you still have the chance!


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