Do Good: Fight Human Trafficking with Julep

Julep Blues for a Cause Set

These are my kind of Blues!

It’s hard to believe that in the world we live in today, slavery still exists on a large scale, even here in our own county.  Whether it’s bonded labor, forced labor, sex trafficking, or child trafficking, human trafficking is alive and well.  And unfortunately it affects women and children far more than men.  According to information on Julep’s website, the beauty industry is often used as a front for trafficking.  It’s a sad commentary on the human nature of some, but there is always the other side; people willing to stand up for those being abused.  And whether you choose to help in a large way, or a small way, all ways add up.

January is Human Trafficking Prevention month, and Julep has created the Blues for a Cause Shop.  100% of sales from the Blues for a Cause Collection will be donated to anti-trafficking efforts.  The proceeds will actually be donated to a job training scholarship for a human-trafficking survivor.  As sad as it is that any human being would be subject to such a degrading ordeal, through support and encouragement, change can happen.

Sounds like a pretty darn good reason to get the blues this winter!  Consider buying some pretty new colors for your nails, or make a donation directly through Julep (just add the donation to your cart, it’s easy breezy).  Check out the Julep blog for more information on where exactly donations will go, and resources on the prevention of human trafficking.  Then shop and Do Good at the same time!


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