Fab.com Winter Warehouse Sale

If you love getting deals and you love unique items, Fab.com is the site for you. The site itself is not very good about communicating what exactly their mission is, but basically, it’s a place where designers–typically independent ones with small operations–can sell their wares to a much larger market than they’d usually have access to, while passing on discounts to the consumer. Anything you can think of has been sold on Fab: skirts, oven mitts, salsa, earrings, bed frames, fine art, vibrators. Yes, vibrators. Woot, woot! You can sign up for Fab.com emails, and everyday they’ll send you a round up of products, sometimes based on theme. So Thursdays are pet days where they feature dog kennels, cat treats, bird cages, and so on. Sundays are for foodies, and they sell barware, gourmet salts, cookies, etc. Although I’ve purchased some items for myself, I’ve mainly used Fab to buy gifts for others. Their products are really specialized and unique, so it’s easy to find amazing items for the people in your life. Right now, they’re having a Winter Warehouse Sale which means a big selection of products are 40-70% off. Below, I’ve curated a selection of fab(.com)ulous finds!


40% off


Look at how fun these shower curtains by DENY Designs are! My favorite is the Octopus Shower Curtain at left, but if you’re looking for something more subtle, the Glorious Colors at right is beautiful. At $53.25 ($89) they’re still a bit pricey for shower curtains, but if you’re passionate about eclectic home decor (or someone you know is), these definitely fit the bill.



Know someone who has a home office…or a cube that needs a bit of spicing up? How about this Division of Labor Poster Set- $45 ($75)? All four posters are included, in different colors, with sassy sayings.



Hey remember when I said that I mainly bought gifts for others on Fab.com? Ummm, might have just bought this for myself. In my defense, I saw it months ago and coveted it then…but the $90 price tag was too rich for my blood. But now it’s 40% off! What a steal! This Dancing Couple Spin Off Necklace  – $54 ($90) has a man on one side, a woman on the other, and when you spin the medallion on the axis it looks like the couple is dancing together. So charming!




Although Dia de los Muertos is an important Mexican holiday that honors the memories of loved ones who have passed, the art created in conjunction with the holiday has taken on a life of its own (pun definitely intended), separate from the original religious and cultural significance. The art features skeletons that are elaborately decorated with flowers, beautiful garments, and jewels. You can find paintings, figurines, and yes, jewelry, in the Dia de los Muertos style. The Lolita Locket by Couture by Lolita – $28.75($48) above is a beautiful rendition in this style.


50% off



The last couple years I’ve been seeing lots of prints done on pages from old books. The Cattery 8 Pack by Matt Dinniman – $29 ($64) is in this very trend, and features eight darling prints of cats, on vintage dictionary pages. What a great gift for the cat lover in your life!



This 12:01pm Watch by May28th- $19.50 ($39) shows a face with a scene of a Chines pagoda and garden, in the traditional blue and white print that you often see on ceramics. Eesh…bought this for myself also. Lately I’ve been loving the Chine blue and white print, and for a mere $20, this watch is a total steal.




A cat bed! The pEi Pod With Cushion Mint by Ephata – $64.50 ($129) is so darling! Love the contrast between the yellow polka dot cushion and the mint color of the pod itself. Cats and dogs love feeling like they’re in a secure, safe cave, and this fits the bill.


60% off


Fun, patterned socks are such a great gift. Does that make me a dork? I don’t care, I love getting socks as gifts. If you’re really a planner you can pick up a couple packs of this Stripes Combo Set Of 4 by Unsimply Stitched – $19 ($48) for next year’s stocking stuffers. Technically these are men’s socks, but the colors and patterns don’t seem gender specific to me.




Our final item is another home decor product, the Moroccan Pouf by Fab – $110 ($275). This ottoman comes in tons of great colors, yellow, green, silver, red, and so on. The stitching is beautiful, and it could also be used as a seat, in a pinch.


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