Two Clinique Products – One Review

When you hear the word Clinique what do you think of?  Skin care?  Makeup?  High end department store cosmetic that was once beyond your reach?  Or is it just another brand at your local Sephora store?  Clinique has been around for quite a while.  In 1968, through a compilation between Estee Lauder, American Vogue beauty editor Carol Phillips, and dermatologist Norman Orentreich, the Clinique brand was born and sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.  It premiered as the world’s first dermatologist-driven, allergy tested skin care line.  It obviously made a mark, and has much competition now.  But it still manages to set itself apart as a higher end, trusted brand.  Perusing the Clinique section at a local store, I chose two products to use and review.  One for eyes, one for lips.


Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes – $15.00

Cream Eye Shaper in Starry Plum

This is the first time I’d ever tried this eyeliner by Clinique.  The online reviews about this pencil are largely positive.  When I took the cap off the liner for the first time I immediately noticed the vibrancy of the color I chose ( I went with the Starry Plum).  There was a hint of sparkle in the color pigment, which translated onto my eyes as a subtle sheen.  From the start the liner transferred easily onto my lids.  The color wasn’t quite as vibrant on my skin, but that is to be expected of a non-liquid liner.  Once it came time to smudge the liner, I noticed that a good amount of the liner came off on my finger.  A little too much for my taste, but that was quickly remedied by using a liner brush.  All said and done, I really like this liner.  I must admit though, I’ve purchased liner for around the $8.00 mark that I liked as much as this product.  But for some, I think paying $15.00 for the name, which comes with well earned quality, is worth it.


Clinique Almost Liptick – $15.00

Shy Honey, shy shade

The second product I chose is the Almost Lipstick in the shade “Shy Honey”.  According to Clinique, the Almost Lipstick line has a transparent formula that “merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create a look that’s all your own”.  I naturally have fairly tlight pigment in my lips, so this light shade doesn’t add much to my lips unless I apply several layers.  But the formulation is light and emollient, so several layers doesn’t feel like I just smeared a jar of petroleum jelly across my face.  Shy Honey is a pretty, flirty color, and the transparency of the lipstick creates a glossy sheen.  The Black Honey shade was a winner in Elle magazine’s Hall of Fame for best beauty products.  I like this product, and plan to try some different shades.


Do you have some Clinique products you can’t live without?  Have a brand you like better?  Leave your comments and quips below…



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