A ShoeDazzle Review Of The Shoes & The Site

Shoedazzle on iceFirst things first.  Back in October I purchased two pairs of booties from ShoeDazzle to wear throughout the winter months, and promised that I would review them once I had a chance to break them in.  Truth be told, I’ve been wearing one pair (the one without heels, of course) much more than the other, so I think it only fair to review that pair now.

The Agreeable Bootie (shown at left in green) has been a really fun pair of shoes to show off, and they’ve held up really well.  As a reminder, there’s not much support to speak of, and all materials are man-made, but I’ve had no issues with quality.  Material has not worn thin.  The shoe has not come separated from the sole.  And they clean up really easily, a damp cloth has removed any dirt accumulated on the shoes this winter.  They’re not the warmest boots, but a thick pair of wool socks helped that cause this winter season.  I’ve been really pleased with the Agreeable Booties, and plan on wearing them next fall and winter!  The Witty Booty, shown right, should see more action this spring.

Now onto the ShoeDazzle site itself.  It looks like there have been some changes made.  Kim Kardashian, where have you gone?  She co-founded the company, so I assume she’s still involved, but she is nowhere to be seen on the site.  The new chief stylist, Rachel Zoe, is all over the site.  Gotta love that this girl has no formal fashion training, but has worked with the likes of Jennifer Gardner, Kate Hudson, and Kate Beckinsale.


Shoedazzle bestsellers


The website itself has a cleaner, more modern look to it.  In addition to your own curated showroom (based on a interview you complete while setting up your profile, which is free), there are now a wider variety of brands, but the ShoeDazzle brand is still offered starting at $39.95.  There’s now also a “daily fix”, a shoe offered at a discount for one day.  The free shipping threshold is being bumped up from $39 to $49,which $50 seems to be the standard for many retailers across the web.  It was nice to be able to get the ShoeDazzle brand shoes shipped free all the time.  Now you’ll have to add something to your cart each the free shipping threshold, but with smaller pieces of jewelry it shouldn’t do too much damage.  You can still invite friends and earn style points when they sign up and buy, which will eventually earn you a $39.95 credit for the site.

In all, I’ve been pleased thus far with my ShoeDazzle purchases, and really like the new site.  Be sure to check it out, and maybe buy a pair of the $39.95 ShoeDazzle brand shoes while you can still get free shipping on them!


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