January Beauty Army Part I

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I am excited to bring to you my first foray into a new cosmetics “club.” I received Birchbox from August to December 2012, and my experience was mixed, though mainly positive. I’m now a member of Beauty Army, which is the same idea–samples every month–but has some differences. It’s more expensive, at $12 a month, versus Birchbox’s $10, but you receive more samples, and you get to pick them. You fill out a beauty profile when you join, and they curate a selection of items based on how you describe your skin (dry, oily, etc), what types of products you’re interested in (makeup, anti-aging, hair, lifestyle, etc), and your style (natural, sultry, etc). They send you an email early in the month, letting you know it’s time to pick your samples. If you hate all of the ones offered, you can change your profile. If you don’t end up logging in to make your selection, they just pick for you.  Because there were so many samples, I’ve split the review up into two parts. Part II airs tomorrow.


Blushed by Ruddy Waters – $22


From reading about this company online, it seems like Muddy Waters is a fairly new start-up. They make their perfume Blushed and then saturate little towelettes, like the ones you’d use after eating ribs at a restaurant, with the perfume, then seal in a little portable pouch. The idea is that you can carry the little packages in your purse or even your pocket, in case you want to apply fragrance to your wrists or neck throughout the day. Many people in the comments section of the page where this product is sold commented on the ease of using this product…but I found that confusing. The entire towelette is soaked in fragrance which means your fingers become scented when you’re applying it. I don’t want perfume on my fingers. It’s oil which means it’s really hard to remove, even with soap. Also, they say that you can use the towelette multiple times, but the pouch isn’t resealable, and it easily dries out. I like this concept for travel, but not for everyday use. Thankfully they make a rollerball which is much more practical. The scent is very much like Aquolina Pink Sugar, which I got as a sample from Sephora. Very sweet and sugary, plus some musk. The only difference is that the bottom note for Blushed is more floral than Pink Sugar, which I like. I do recommend this scent–it’s feminine and beautiful.


Emani Minerals Foundation Primer and Hydrating Serum – $28


Primer helps to set whatever it is you put on top of it. So if it’s eye primer, it will help keep your eye shadow and liner in place. If it’s primer for the face, it helps foundation last longer. I used to use primer every day under my foundation, but since I started using BB cream, I’ve found that it’s not necessary. Still, I gave this primer a whirl, and found that it was much closer to a serum (which it is also advertised as being) than a primer. It was a really nice consistency–slippery and smooth, and applied well to my face without too much residue. It did set my BB cream, but again, I’m not sure BB cream really requires it. Ladies who use regular foundation might find this to be very helpful. I did like the way it maintained moisture, however, so I’ll use it as a serum at night, under my eyes.


Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer – $45


Everything I’ve read online about this product is very positive. The creator’s mother died of skin cancer, so it became her goal to create a product that would help consumers avoid a similar fate. What she found was that many of the sunscreens out there contained toxic chemicals that were associated with other kinds of cancer. So she set out to create a completely safe, environmentally sound product. In addition to providing protection from the sun, this product also acts as a primer, and my version had a bit of tint to it. I really wanted to like this product because of all its good qualities–vegan, PETA approved, good for folks with acne or rosacea–but I could NOT stand the scent. It gave me a headache and I could smell it all day long. Other consumers mention the scent and how much they like it, so I may be the cheese who stands alone.

Stay tuned–tomorrow is part 2 of the Beauty Army review!

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